New Bob’s Burgers Season 13 February 26, 2023 Episode 13 Preview Revealed

New Bob’s Burgers Season 13 February 26, 2023 Episode 13 Preview Revealed

Hey,”Bob’s Burgers” fans. We’re back at you to let you know that the FOX people do have another brand new episode of Bob’s Burgers all queued up and ready to air for you guys tonight, February 26, 2023. That’s right, guys. Tonight’s new episode of Bob’s Burgers will be the 13th episode of its current season 13, and we’ve got a little preview of it for you.

We were able to, once again, get a hold of an official teaser description for this new episode 13 straight from FOX’s official episode 13 press release. So, we’re going to certainly use it for this preview session. Let’s get to it.

First up, there is an official title for this new episode 13 that FOX let us know about. It turns out that the writers have named this one,”These Boots Are Made for Stalking.”

In the new episode 13, you guys are going to get a new Tina scene. Apparently, Tina will be heavily influenced by the actions of some cool teens that show up at the restaurant. In fact, Tina will be influenced by them so much that she will decide that she absolutely needs to be just like them. Also in this episode, characters Gene and Louise will be featured. They will be in the midst of arguing over some stinky socks of all things.

FOX’s official description for episode 13 reads like this, “When the coolest teens she’s ever seen start coming into the restaurant, Tina decides she needs to be just like them. Meanwhile, Gene and Louise get into a battle of wills over stinky socks in the all-new episode of Bob’s Burgers.” An alternate description tells us,”TINA DECIDES SHE NEEDS TO BE JUST LIKE THE COOLEST TEENS SHE’S EVER SEEN.”

FOX also listed the voice cast for this new episode 13. They are: H. Jon Benjamin as character Bob Belcher; John Roberts as character Linda Belcher; Kristen Schaal as character Louise Belcher; Eugene Mirman as character Gene Belcher; Dan Mintz as character Tina Belcher and Larry Murphy as character Uncle Teddy.

FOX’s press release confirmed that the next, new episode 13 of Bob’s Burgers’ current season 13 is indeed scheduled to arrive on your TV sets tonight, March 5, 2023 in its usual, 8:30 pm central standard time slot.

Alright, guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest,”Bob’s Burgers” TV show, preview report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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