New Shark Tank Season 14 March 10, 2023 Episode 16 Preview Revealed

New Shark Tank Season 14 March 10, 2023 Episode 16 Preview Revealed

Hey, “Shark Tank” fans. We are back in your faces on this lovely Friday afternoon with more good news because the ABC team is going to give you guys another new episode of your favorite show Shark Tank tonight, March 10, 2023. That’s right, guys. Tonight’s new episode will be the 16th installment of Shark Tank’s current season 14, and we’ve got a preview of it for you guys.

The ABC people put out an official episode 16 press release. It contains an official description of tonight’s new episode. So, we’re definitely going to run it by you right now. Let’s get to it.

The first description for tonight’s new, March 10, 2023 edition reveals that a couple of mothers from Chicago, Illinois will arrive to pitch a product that will help with changing baby diapers in public restrooms.

ABC’s official description for these diaper changing entrepreneurs reads like this, “First into the Tank are moms from Chicago, Illinois, with a solution to the dreaded problem of changing diapers in dirty public restrooms.”

The second description reveals that some entrepreneurs from Gypsum, Colorado, Missoula, Montanna and San Marcos, California are going to show up to pitch their vehicle product that they claim makes road trips more convenient.

ABC’s description for these automotive entrepreneurs reads like this, “Entrepreneurs from Gypsum, Colorado, Missoula, Montana, and San Marcos, California, present their automobile accessory designed to make road-trip traveling more convenient.”

The 3rd description lets us know that a male entrepreneur from New York City is going to show up to present his smart service that he claims will give pet owners peace of mind.

ABC’s description for this pet product entrepreneur reads like this, “An entrepreneur from New York City hopes the Sharks throw him a bone after he pitches his smart service designed to bring pet parents peace of mind.”

The 4th description reveals that entrepreneurs from silver Spring, Maryland are going to pitch a dessert they’ve created, which they claim is nutrient-dense and pleases the sweet tooth without any of the usual guilt that comes with eating sugary foods.

ABC’s description for these dessert food entrepreneurs reads like this, “Last into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Silver Spring, Maryland, who introduce their nutrient-dense sweet indulgence without the guilt.”

The 5th and final description for tonight’s new, March 10, 2023 episode lets us know that the show will present an update on the Clark family entrepreneurs from San Clemente, California. They presented a product called TANDM Surf and got a deal with Robert Herjavec and Daniel Lubetzky. Apparently, their business has been a success.

ABC’s description for this Clark Family entrepreneurs update reads like this, “In a “Shark Tank” update, the Clark family from San Clemente, California, update us on TANDM Surf, whose business is thriving in sales after securing a deal with Sharks Robert Herjavec and Daniel Lubetzky.”

The season regular sharks that will be featured in tonight’s new episode are: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary.

Again, ABC confirmed that tonight’s March 10, 2023 episode of Shark Tank will be brand new, and it’s scheduled to show up at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest,”Shark Tank” TV show, preview report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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