New 911 AKA 9-1-1 Season 6, May 8, 2023 Episode 17 Spoilers Revealed

New 911 AKA 9-1-1 Season 6, May 8, 2023 Episode 17 Spoilers Revealed

Hey, “9-1-1” fans. We are back on here to let you guys know that FOX has another new episode of your favorite show 9-1-1 all lined up and ready to go for you next Monday night, May 8, 2023. Yep, this next, new episode will be the 17th one for 9-1-1’s current season 6, and we’ve got some new spoiler info for it.

We were able to get a hold of a couple of new, official teaser spoilers for this new episode 17 by way of NBC’s official episode 17 press release synopsis. So, we’re going to take a look at it right now. Let’s do it.

To start, we’ve got an official title for this new episode 17 of 9-1-1’s current season 6. The writers decided to name this one, “Love Is In The Air.” It sounds like episode 17 will feature some more very intense, dramatic, action-filled, suspenseful, interesting, emotional and scandalous as a wedding proposal and bank robbery emergency goes down. A grieving victim is on the scene. Maddie gets very proactive. A shocking visitor arrives and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the wedding proposal and bank robbery emergencies. Yep, things are going to get real intense and scandalous in this one as a wedding proposal attempt will get made, but it will totally get ruined by a friggin bank robbery situation. So, the 118 crew will immediately race to the dilemma to try and pull off a rescue attempt. We’re also going to see another emergency take place with a bride that is literally stuck on her way to the alter.

FOX’s official description for this wedding proposal and bank robbery plotline tells us, “Athena and the 118 race to rescue when a wedding proposal tragically intersects with a bank robbery, and then when a princess bride is literally stuck on her way to the altar.”

The second spoiler scoop reveals that a victim will be experiencing some heavy grief at some point. So, Athena will step up to the plate and talk this victim through all the pain she’s feeling.

FOX’s description for this grieving victim situation reads like this, “Athena talks a victim thru her grief.”

The 3rd teaser scoop lets us know that Maddie will be on the scene at some point, and something is going to come up to make her decide she should handle it all by her lonesome.

FOX’s description for this Maddie storyline reads like this, “Maddie takes matters into her own hands.”

The 4th and last teaser description for this new episode 17 lets us know that things will get very interesting for Buck at some point as he will discover that a shocking visitor is standing at his doorstep.

FOX’s description for this shocking visitor plotline reads like this, “Buck finds a surprise visitor on his doorstep.”

Episode 17 will feature quite a few guest stars. They are: Tracie Thoms as character Karen Wilson; Anirudh Pisharody as character Ravi Panikkar; Bryan Safi as character Josh Russo; Debra Christofferson as character Sue Blevins; Chiquita Fuller as character Linda Bates; Annelise Capero as character Natalia Dollenmeyer; Chelsea Kane as character Kameron; Edy Ganem as character Marisol; Adrienne Barbeau as character Luisa Falcon; Ben Lewis as character Griffin Hodges and Kayla Ewell as character Marina Dunning.

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 17 are: Angela Bassett as character Athena Grant; Peter Krause as character Bobby Nash; Jennifer Love Hewitt as character Maddie Buckley; Oliver Stark as character Evan “Buck” Buckley; Kenneth Choi as character Howie “Chimney” Han; Aisha Hinds as character Henrietta “Hen” Wilson; Ryan Guzman as character Eddie Diaz; Corinne Massiah as character May Grant and Gavin McHugh as character Christopher Diaz.

FOX’s press release confirmed that the next, new episode 17 of 9-1-1’s current season 6 is indeed scheduled to arrive next Monday night, May 8, 2023 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That is going to do it for this latest, “9-1-1” TV show, spoiler report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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