Shark Tank Season 14 May 19, 2023 Episode 22 Is The Finale. Season 15 Is Happening

Shark Tank Season 14 May 19, 2023 Episode 22 Is The Finale. Season 15 Is Happening

Hey, “Shark Tank” fans. We hope you guys totally enjoyed and savored every single minute of tonight’s episode 22, especially since that is going to be it for a while. That’s right, guys. Shark Tank’s current season 14 did indeed wrap up with tonight’s finale episode 22. So, you guys won’t be seeing a new episode for at least 3 or 4 months or so.

On the bright side, you will get to see a new episode of Shark Tank at some point in the future because we can officially tell you guys, right now, that ABC did renew Shark Tank for a brand new season 15! That’s right, guys. Shark Tank will serve up another new slate of episodes in the new 2023/2024 season.

It’s currently unknown how many episodes season 15 will feature, but if we had to guess, we would assume that ABC will order up another full season of 22 episodes. But again, we’ll have to wait and see to get official confirmation on that. This season 15 renewal of Shark Tank took place on May 16, 2023 according to the people over at

According to the LIVE Nielsen ratings, Shark Tank season 14 averaged 3.635 million LIVE viewers, and a 0.46 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics. The most recent episode 21, which aired back on Friday, May 5, 2023, managed to draw in 3.214 million LIVE viewers, and a 0.37 ratings score.

The most-viewed episode is episode 13 with 4.235 million LIVE viewers. The least-viewed episode was episode 2 with 3.176 million LIVE viewers. The highest-rated episode was episode 13 with a 0.59 ratings score. The lowest-rated episode was episode 16 with a 0.30 ratings score.

Alright, guys. That is going to be a wrap for this latest, “Shark Tank” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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