Big Brother August 22, 2023 POV Ceremony Results Revealed (Spoilers)

Big Brother August 22, 2023 POV Ceremony Results Revealed (Spoilers)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. We’re back at you with another very important report/update from inside the Big Brother season 25 house. Yesterday, afternoon, August 21, 2023, the POV (Power Of Veto) ceremony took place, and we do have the results of it for you right now. Before we dive into the POV ceremony results, we’re going to do a brief recap of this week so far to make sure everyone is all caught up on everything.

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This past Thursday night, August 17, 2023, Felicia won the new HOH (Head Of Household) competition to become the new head hancho of the house. Then, on Friday, August 18, 2023, Felicia nominated Jag and Cameron for eviction during her nomination ceremony, but these nominations were just a setup for a Hisam backdoor play.

On Saturday, August 19, 2023, Jag won the POV competition, and that all brings us to yesterday’s Power Of Veto ceremony. During the POV ceremony, Jag of course used the veto to take himself off the chopping block.

Then, reigning HOH Felicia went ahead and replaced Jag with Hisam to solidify the backdoor move on Hisam. So, Hisam and Cameron are the final eviction nominees for this week, and one of them will get voted out of the house this Thursday night, August 24, 2023 during the LIVE eviction episode.

After the POV ceremony, we saw Hisam’s next moves on the Big Brother live feeds. Hisam was ,not surprisingly, quite upset. He was seen telling Cirie and Izzy that he was nothing but loyal to them and their Professors alliance. He said, “This why this is going to be amazing television because I am going to look like an absolute moron. I have been honest and open with you, and you’ll see when you watch this back.”

After a while, Hisam apologized to them if he made it hard for them to talk to him and that he had no intentions of doing that. He also told Mecole, “I’m sorry if I made it hard for you to talk to me, or if I was too aggressive. I was just laser focused on how to get his group to the end.”

Hisam started campaigning to Cory and Jared for votes. They both told him that their minds aren’t made up yet, and Hisam vowed to protect them if they keep him. Hisam also made the same pitch to Jag at one point.

It’s believed that the houseguests are just entertaining Hisam’s campaigning efforts, but aren’t really thinking about keeping him at this point. However, this Thursday night is still about 48 hours away. So, technically, Hisam does have some time to maybe round up enough votes if he can somehow get enough people to believe that they could benefit from him sticking around. We’ll see. Be sure to follow us on our official Big Brother Twitter page for the latest Big Brother news and updates by Clicking Here.
How do you guys feel about Jag taking himself off the chopping block, and HOH Felicia throwing Hisam up in his place for the backdoor move this week? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show, spoiler report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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