Survivor October 25, 2023 Voted Off Brandon ‘Brando’ Meyer (Recap)

Survivor October 25, 2023 Voted Off Brandon ‘Brando’ Meyer (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, October 25, 2023, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 45 did indeed hit the air, and we saw another unlucky contestant get voted off the island at the very end.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with footage from the Reba tribe. Dee told the private cams.”I’m pissed because it should’ve been Sifu who went home at the last tribal council.”Sean went home instead after telling everyone to vote him out.

Meanwhile, Sifu tried to track down the one vote for him. Everyone told Sifu that none of them voted for him to go. So, Sifu said, “Sean must have lied to me when he said he didn’t vote me out when he left. I’ll have to think on that.” Sifu told the private cams, “These girls should be nominated for an Oscar because I can’t figure out which one of them voted for me to go.”

At the Lulu camp, Karturah went searching for an idol. Meanwhile, Kaleb told Kellie that Sabiyah found an idol here to help build trust with her. She was glad he told her, and they seemed to bond over it. In fact, Kaleb seemed to bond well with all of his other new tribe members: Bruce, Katurah and Jake.

At the Reba camp, Sifu told the private cams, “I think all of the three ladies are playing me, but I have a fake idol, and I hope they think it’s real.” They did seem to think it’s real too. They definitely talked about it when they were making plans about who to possibly vote off if they went to tribal council.

At the Belo camp, Brando tried to offer Drew an alliance deal, and he turned it down immediately. So, Brando told the private cams, “I’m going to have to work against Drew.” Most of the people on Belo wanted to work with Emily. Drew & Austin and Brando & Kendra offered Emily a deal.

Katurah complained about Bruce’s bossiness again to the private cams. Kaleb could see it too, but he said to the private cams, “I want Bruce to think I’d do anything for him so he’ll never see it coming when it’s time for me to strike.”

Dee told the private cams that they should vote J out if they go to tribal council, but Julie told the private cams, “We might be able to send Sifu home with an idol in his pocket if we can convince him that we’re voting J out.”

At this point, host Jeff Probst showed up with a new immunity challenge. During it, the tribes had to race through an obstacle course to collect sand bags. Then, they had to shoot the sand bags at targets. The first team to knock down 3 targets, won.

The Reba tribe took first place. The Lulu tribe took second place. So, the Belo tribe had to go to the next tribal council meeting and decide who to vote off. This immunity challenge also doubled as a reward challenge. The Reba tribe got 10 fresh fish for finishing in first place. The Lulu tribe got smaller platter of fresh fish for taking second place.

The trip to the mountain twist was also presented at this time. Since the Reba tribe won the immunity challenge, they got to select which person from each tribe went to the mountain. J was selected for the Reba tribe after drawing straws for it. Then, the Reba tribe chose to send Kellie from Lulu and Austin from Belo.

Kendra told the private cams that Drew needs to go. Brando pitched to Drew a lie. He told Drew that he wants to team up with Drew, Austin and Emily to vote off Kendra. Drew told the private cams that he thought Brando was lying because it just seem way to easy.

Drew told Emily what Brando pitched. Then, Emily went and told Brando what Drew said. Brando denied it and said Drew actually came up with the plan to vote off Kendra. Emily and Brando told Kendra that Drew pitched getting her out. Kendra got heated and said she really wants to get Drew out.

We got footage of Kellie, Austin and J at the mountain, and they were presented an amulet advantage opportunity, or they could reject it for a plate of sandwiches. Austin immediately said he just wants to eat the sandwiches because he’s starving out there. Austin told the private cams, “I see the amulet advantage as more of a disadvantage because they have to be used together.”

Yeah, the rules for this amulet advantage are as follows: The three amulets (which had to be played together) would give them all as a group one extra vote. If there were only two amulets still in the game, it would become a steal-a-vote. If there was only one person with an amulet left, it became a full idol. Yeah, it’s kinda confusing. I would’ve just wanted to eat the sandwiches too.

Anyways, Kellie and J had majority vote over Austin in this situation. So, he was coerced into agreeing to work with them in accepting the amulets advantage instead of just eating the sandwiches.

Back at the Belo camp, Austin lied to everyone about his mountain trip deal to everyone except for his main man Drew. Also, earlier, Emily expressed to Drew that she had doubts about him after Brando told her that Drew came up with the plan to vote off Kendra. Drew denied that, and he told her that Brando came up with that plan. That made Emily start to wonder who was lying to her. Austin eventually talked with Emily to try and regain her trust. He even went as far as showing her the real advantage he got at the mountain.

At the Belo tribal council meeting, they just did some general game talk before casting their votes. While casting their votes, Austin gave up his vote to extend the lifespan of one of his idols, but he used his goodwill advantage to restore his vote. When the votes were read, Drew got 2 votes, and Brando received 3 votes . So, with the 3 votes, Brando did get voted off. He took it like a champ saying, “Well played, guys. Well played. One of ya’ll win it for me. Good luck.”

Brando told the private cams, “Playing Survivor was absolutely unbelievable. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.” How do you guys feel about Brando Meyer getting voted off Survivor season 45 in tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s going to be a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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