New 20/20 February 23, 2024 Two Hour Episode Preview Revealed

New 20/20 February 23, 2024 Two Hour Episode Preview Revealed

Hey, “20/20” fans. It’s that time again. We are back in your faces to tell you all about another new 20/20 episode that’s due to arrive tonight, February 23, 2024. It will be the 18th installment for 20/20’s current season 46.

ABC put out an official press release for tonight’s new, February 23, 2024 episode 18. So, we will certainly see what it has to say for this preview session. Let’s go.

To start, ABC let us know that this new episode 18 of 20/20 season 46 is officially named/titled, “A killer Renovation.”

In tonight’s new, February 23, 2024 episode 18, the 20/20 team will take a deep look at a story about a woman named Shanti Cooper-Tronnes. She was a beloved mom and successful businesswoman before she was found dead inside of her Florida house that she shared with her husband David Tronnes.

At first, the investigators thought it was a robbery gone wrong because her $15,000 diamond ring was missing, but the eventually, they dismissed that theory and started looking into a home renovation that the couple recently had. It was going to be profiled on the A&E show titled, “Zombie House Flipping.”

This episode will feature the investigation of a bizarre home renovation that may have been the motive along with details about a secret that David Tronnes was keeping from everyone. Shonti Cooper Tronnes’ 14 year old son will also be profiled. He fought to get some justice for his mother. 20/20 co-anchor Deborah Roberts handled the reporting duties for this episode and case.

This episode will feature the first post-trial exclusive interviews with Jackson Cooper, Shanti’s son, and Jim Cooper, Shanti’s ex-husband, Detectives Teresa Sprague and Barbara Sharp, who doggedly spearheaded the fight for justice for Shanti; Michael Smith, assistant state attorney; Will Jay, prosecutor; and Dana Duran and Melissa Brzezinski, Shanti’s close friends.

Additional interviews include Ryan Vescio, former prosecutor; Jeff Dow, Shanti’s step-father; Keith Ori, host of “Zombie House Flipping”; and additional friends of the victim.

ABC’s official description for tonight’s new, February 23, 2024, new episode 18 of 20/20 season 46 reads like this, “’20/20′ INVESTIGATES A MYSTERIOUS BRUTAL MURDER AND THE BIZARRE HOME RENOVATION THAT MAY HAVE BEEN THE MOTIVE. A Florida mom’s mysterious death leads authorities to investigate the connection to a missing engagement ring, a disastrous home renovation, and a popular TV home-makeover show. This Program Includes Exclusive Interviews With the Victim’s Son and Ex-Husband.”

ABC’s press release confirmed that the next, new episode 18 of 20/20 season 46 is indeed scheduled to hit your TV screens tonight, February 23, 2024, starting at approximately 8 pm central standard time. It will be a 2-hour event. So, expect it to wrap up at 10 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Dateline NBC” TV show, preview report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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