Survivor March 6, 2024 Voted Off Jess Chong (Recap)

Survivor March 6, 2024 Voted Off Jess Chong (Recap)

Hey, Survivor fans. Tonight, March 6, 2024, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 46 did indeed hit the air, and we saw another contestant get sent packing in a vicious blindside style at the end of it.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the Yanu tribe talking about how they got rid of David Jelinsky at the last tribal council meeting. Kenzie told the private cams, “I can see Bhanu being a liability in the future because he has a hard time keeping secrets.”

At the Nami camp, Tevin told the private cams that he’s close to Hunter and Soda, and he doesn’t trust Venus. Soda agreed with Tevin about his opinion of Venus. Meanwhile, Venus told the private cams, “I’m screwed if Tevin’s not trying to talk to me because he’s the king of being social right now.”

At the Siga camp, Charlie told the private cams that he feels like he’s at the bottom of his alliance with the three girls. So, he said he really likes his duo alliance with Maria. Maria told the private cams, “I like the idea of working with Charlie.”

At the Nami tribe, Venus went looking for a hidden immunity idol because she said she’s definitely on the outs with Tevin and his group of people. Randen felt the same way. So, he also went looking for an idol and he found a beware advantage that told him to dig for a box that had a lock on it. He needed a key to get it open. Until he gets his idol from that locked box, he lost his vote at the tribal council meeting.

At Yanu, Kenzie tried to pitch a plan to blindside Q to Jess and Bhanu. Jess told the private cams, “I plan to blindside Kenzie.” So, she told Q about Kenzie’s plan to blindside him. Q told the private cams he’s definitely starting to wonder if he can trust Kenzie.

At Nami, Randen told Soda that talking to Liz is like talking to a billboard. He told the private cams that Liz’s stories are inconsistent. He said Venus is a liar. However, he’s the most comfortable with Venus, and he told her that he found a beware advantage and wants to work with her. Venus told the private cams, “I’m pumped that someone finally wants to work with me.”

At this point, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. During it, the tribes had to race to release a machete. Then, use it to chop a rope and make some wheels drop. Put the wheels on a cart. Then, dig up two heavy chests filled with puzzle pieces and put them on the cart. Row the cart to a platform and use the puzzle pieces to build a huge survivor arch puzzle without it falling for the win.

The Nami tribe took first place, and Siga took second place. So, Yanu lost again, which means they were tribal council bound , once again, and had to vote someone else off. This immunity challenge also doubled as a reward challenge. Nami won a large, Survivor fishing kit for finishing first. Siga won a smaller Survivor fishing kit for their second place finish.

Kenzie told the private cams, “I want Jess to go home. She seems to be the common denominator in us losing challenges.”

At Nami, Venus complained about not being heard during the immunity challenge. Both Soda and Tevin told the private cams that they’re tired of Venus.

At Yanu, Bhanu told Jess, “It’s gonna be either you or me that gets voted off.” Tiffany complained to Kenzie about how Jess kept dropping the puzzle pieces during the immunity challenge. So, they made plans to get rid of Jess by making her feel safe and not use her shot in the dark.

They tried to get Jess to find a fake idol they planted, but that didn’t work because Jess was so bad at finding things. So, ultimately, Q had to end up giving Jess the fake idol. When he did, he told her, “You have to vote for who I tell you to.” Q told the private cams that he actually doesn’t care if Kenzie or Jess go home.

Kenzie told the private cams, “I’m voting off Jess because she’s just a bad Survivor player.” Tiffany told the private cams, “I can’t think of any pros for Jess. So, we’re feeling good about getting her out.”

Tiffany and Kenzie made Jess think they were voting off Bhanu. So, Jess told Bhanu about Kenzie and Tiffany’s fake plans to get him out. Jess told Bhanu, “You need to vote off Kenzie.” Q told Tiffany about Jess wanting Kenzie out. He went on to tell Tiffany, “I don’t trust Kenzie. She would get rid of me in a heartbeat. I can feel it, and I can’t play with her.” Q told the private cams, “Jess is a loyal number, but I have to babysit her. Kenzie’s a strong player, but she might not be good for my game.”

At the Yanu tribal council meeting, Bhanu lost his friggin mind at one point and started talking about who he’s working with and made everyone feel uncomfortable and wondering what the hell is going on.

Jess pulled the fake idol before Jeff started to read the votes. Of course, Jeff told her the idol wasn’t real, and she laughed about it. Then, Jeff revealed that Bhanu received 1 vote, and Jess got 3 votes. So, with the 3 votes, Jess got voted off. She was a real good sport about it. She laughed and said, “Oh, man. You guys got me so good” on her way out.

Jess told the private cams, “I got got. Those people are masterminds. It was incredible. I had a blast out here. Even though my face doesn’t convey it. I don’t have enough calories to smile right now.”

Alright, guys. That is a rap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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