The Bachelor March 18, 2024 Eliminated Rachel Nance (Recap)

The Bachelor March 18, 2024 Eliminated Rachel Nance (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, March 18, 2024, another new episode of The Bachelor 2024 edition with headliner Joey Graziadei did indeed hit the air, and we saw another elimination along with some Women Tell All drama.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with Host Jesse Palmer LIVE in studio. Then, we got footage of Jesse and Joey crashing some Bachelor viewing parties. Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic to see them.

After all of that, Jesse introduced all the returning women for the Women tell All portion of this show. They were: Allison, Autumn, Edwina, Evalin, Jenn, Jessica “Jess,” Katelyn, Kelsey T., Lauren, Maria “Lea,” Alexandra “Lexi,” Madina, Maria, Starr, Sydney and Taylor.

They started off by taking a look back at certain moments of this season. It featured the drama that went down with Maria, Sydney and Jess. At one point, Madina told Lea, “You owe me an apology for pulling me aside and trying to tell me who I should be friends with during the season.”

Lauren actually confessed to being the one who told Lea to shut the f#^k up, and that it wasn’t Maria. Edwina said Sydney never liked Maria from the start and did her wrong. Sydney said, “Me and Maria just speak two different languages.” Maria told Sydney, “We do speak two different languages. I speak the truth, and you make up lies.”

After all that drama, Lexi got into the hot seat to talk with host Jesse Palmer about her journey this season. She decided to leave early due to wanting to have kids right away. She said, “That decision was not easy to make. Joey handled it so well. He was so sweet with his response. I’m ready to find my person. Joey has set an extremely high bar.”

Jenn took the hot seat. She said she got very emotional while watching her clips back. She said, “I was able to put everything on the line for the first time with Joey. It was heartbreaking that it didn’t work out. I’m excited to find my person. I have a new sense of hope, and I know what I want in a person.”

Maria jumped into the hot seat. They took a look at her journey on the show. She said, “It’s sad to think about what could’ve been, but everything happens for a reason. It felt like I knew Joey a lot longer than I did. We had such great chemistry.”

Sydney admitted to Maria, “I was annoying during this season. It was so cringy. I shouldn’t have attacked you.” Maria said I don’t condone the hate you’re getting on social media. I just wanted us to all get along. It would have been so much easier.” Lea also apologized to Maria and said, “I wished I would have gotten to know you better.” So, Sydney, Maria and Leah all hugged each other and supposedly made up.

Next, they showed more footage from this season. It picked up with Kelsey A’s note to Joey in the last episode. They revealed that is said,”I feel like we made a promise to each other about being honest about communicating our feelings.

I just wanted you to know exactly how I feel about it all. I just wanted to verbalize that it’s hard not seeing you, and the days in between are always so hard. I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you when I’m not there.”

Joey was definitely relieved that Kelsey was not trying to leave early as well, and he told her that. Kelsey told the private cams that she felt bad for stressing Joey out with the letter and that she would’ve wrote it differently if she could do it over again.

Next, we got the rose ceremony footage, and Joey gave Kelsey A and Daisy a rose. That meant poor Rachel did get a rose and was eliminated. Joey told Rachel, “I will always have love for you. I just wasn’t able to get there.” Joey told the private cams, “I just don’t have those feelings of love for her, but I want her to be ok.”

Rachel talked with Jesse LIVE in studio about her departure. She said,”It was a beautiful moment between the two of us.” Joey arrived to talk with her. She said, “Our friendship was amazing.” Joey reciprocated. At one point, Rachel teared up because she said she’s been getting a lot of hateful comments on social media.

Joey also talked about his connections with some of the other ladies from this season. He said, “I had nothing but happy and fond memories with Maria. I always had a good time with Jenn, and we had a great connection.”

They also threw in some random blooper footage from this season and so on and so forth before wrapping up things with a preview clip for the next episode.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “The Bachelor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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