60 Minutes June 30, 2024 Repeat Episodes Preview Revealed

60 Minutes June 30, 2024 Repeat Episodes Preview Revealed

Hey, “60 Minutes” fans. It’s Sunday again. So, it’s time for us to let you know that the NBC folks have prepared another two episodes that are filled with segments that have previously aired aka repeats. They are set to air tonight, June 30, 2024. Some of you guys might not have seen these repeat segments before. So, we do have some new preview information for them.

CBS served up some new press releases for tonight’s repeat episodes. So, we’re going to dive into those right now. Let’s go.

The first episode for tonight will feature three segments that have previously aired. The first one is titled, “CHILDREN OF WAR.” CBS’ official description for it reads like this, “Correspondent Scott Pelley reports on America’s children of war, often overlooked, who live with disabled military veterans.

Millions of American youth across the country navigate complex childhoods, witness the emotional and physical impact of service on wounded warriors and help the veterans and their families through hard times. Pelley speaks with Senator Elizabeth Dole, who created a foundation to support military caregivers, and two families of U.S. veterans who have carried the burden of America’s post-9/11 wars.”

The second segment is titled, “INTERPOL.” CBS’ description for it reads like this, “Reporting from Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France, Bill Whitaker examines the international law enforcement agency’s successes fighting global crime, as well as its failures keeping authoritarian countries from misusing its resources.

Russia, China and Turkey, among others, have used Interpol’s worldwide “wanted person” alerts, called red notices, to arrest dissidents and other innocent people who fled their countries.”

The 3rd repeat segment is titled, “TASMANIAN TIGER.” CBS’ description for it reads like this, “60 MINUTES correspondent Jon Wertheim reports from the Australian island of Tasmania on the mysterious thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger – an apex predator not seen since last century, but renowned through local folklore.

Though the tiger was declared extinct 40 years ago, Wertheim meets those looking for the creature in the bush and the lab, and who, one way or another, are certain of its enduring survival.”

The second episode for tonight will feature another three segments that have already aired in the past. The first one is titled, “THE HERITAGE WAR.” CBS’ description for it reads like this, “Correspondent Bill Whitaker reports from Kyiv on Russia’s continued war and what Ukrainians say is the deliberate destruction and looting of the country’s museums, churches and monuments – a strategy believed to come straight from the Kremlin – and a potential war crime.

Whitaker tours the remains of shelled churches and bombed libraries, and speaks with museum workers who are risking their lives to save Ukraine’s heritage.”

The second repeat segment is titled, “THE AIR WE BREATHE.” CBS’ description fo it reads like this, “With new strains of COVID-19 on the rise, and flu season just months away, Dr. Jon LaPook spotlights how lessons from the pandemic about the quality of indoor air are leading building owners to adopt new workplace air and ventilation systems to help contain contagious respiratory viruses.”

The 3rd repeat segment is titled, “THE MISMATCH.” CBS’ description for it reads like this, “Technology has helped spur a sports betting boom. Correspondent Jon Wertheim examines what this has meant for sports fans, betting companies and the gamblers – overwhelmingly young men – making snap bets anytime, anywhere.”

Again, CBS’ press release confirmed that 60 Minutes will be arriving with two repeat episodes again tonight, June 30, 2024, and they’re going to start at approximately 6 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “60 Minutes” TV show, preview report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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