‘The Unborn’ (2009) Movie Review

‘The Unborn’ (2009) Movie Review

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In “The Unborn” Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman) starts to dream about and see strange visions about babies,and someone wanting to be born.She also starts having problems with her eye so when she goes to get it checked out,she is told that it is fine,but that she may also be a twin do to some characteristics picked up by the doctor. With confusion in her mind from never being told this,she asks her dad,Gordon Beldon (James Remar) about it,and he reveals to her that she would have had a twin brother,but he died in the womb do to him being choked by her umbilical cord.

The haunting continues,and when it gets to be to much, she seeks out the help of her grandmother Sofi Kozma (Jane Alexander) who has had run ins with this phenomena in the past eventually explains to her that what she’s seeing is real. She tells her that it’s not her brother ,but that it’s an evil spirit that is trying to enter our world through door ways which can be opened by reflections such as mirrors and things of that nature. She explains to her that twins are a form of reflection and therefore are possible doorways to be born into this world. It turns out that her twin brother was actually killed when the spirit tried to enter in through him so now it’s coming after her. This puts her friends,and anyone around her in danger which included her best friend,Romy (Meagan Good),and her boyfriend, Mark Hardigan (Cam Gigandet).

As the spirit grew stronger it was able to possess anyone,and then kill through them. One person in particular was a four year old boy named,Matty Newton (Atticus Shaffer) .The killing continues and takes people that are closest to her. She eventually seeks the help of Rabbi Sendak (Gary Oldman) to help her excercise the spirit,and send it back into the world from which it came from. While eventually successful in their attempt,it was not without much difficulty,and it was able to go through and kill Romy,Sofi,and eventually her boyfriend, Mark in a huge final conclusion. I also think they may have left this movie open for a sequel by revealing that Casey is going to be giving birth to twins to finish off the movie,or thay could have just been screwing with us. Only time will tell I guess.

My Take : I thought the movie was similar to the way most of these types of movies start off. They have a few small slightly scary scenes. Then they build up and intensify into scarier ones until they all explode into one big scary finale.It sort of reminded me of the movie, “Mirrors” with the whole breaking all the mirrors,and reflections stuff. Although the film was similar in nature to other films I have seen in the past. It was still entertaining enough to keep me in tune the whole time,and at the edge of my seat which for me is good enough to recommend. I wasn’t blown away with it,but it was entertaining.

Grade: B-

Movie : The Unborn (2009)
Release Date : January 9,2009
Studio : Rogue Pictures
Cast : Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Cam Gigandet, Meagan Good, Carla Gugino, Jane Alexander, Idris Elba, Rhys Coiro, James Remar

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