CW’s ‘The Game’ Comes With ‘Hill Street Blues’

CW’s ‘The Game’ Comes With ‘Hill Street Blues’

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CW’s “The Game ” came with their 17th episode entitled “Hill Street Blues” on April 3,2009. The show once again was able to display a good mix of drama and comedy as Derwin’s jealous temper leads him to confront Janay’s ex boyfriend, Hill Harper (guest-starring as himself) on the set of his movie over a list of songs he wrote down on a piece of paper for her. Meanwhile, Melanie tries to find a way to bring closure to her and Derwin’s relationship.She starts off by making out with the cable guy.

The show also brought some great comical moments with a scene of Derwin playing poker with his teamates having funny guy talk,and cracking jokes. They also introduced Kelly’s (Brittany Daniels) new boyfriend who is a gym owner that she’s actually been seeing in secret for quite some time now. So the writers have managed to jumble a lot of these relationships around since it’s conception 2 1/2 years ago in a very funny and interesting way. I look forward to seeing what else they do with this show in the future.

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