CW The Game ‘Oh, What A Night’ Episode Review

CW The Game ‘Oh, What A Night’ Episode Review

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In the 9th episode of season 3 “CW’s The Game : Oh,What A Night” Tasha, is starting to doubt her and Rick’s relationship so she starts dating someone else on the side in an attempt to save her feelings from getting hurt in case Rick decides he wants to move on. Britney hates living with Jason because she’s still angry that he and Kelly are getting a divorce so she locks herself in the bathroom all day. The new Melanie is on the prow dating multiple men and having sex with her doctor friend in the restroom. Tasha sees Rick at the bar their at while out with Kelly and starts to get upset because she think Rick might be cheating on her,but he actually just went their to meet Malik because Malik wanted to have a talk with him about Tasha.

He ends up telling Malik that he’s in love with her. Britney finally comes out of the bathroom and Jason is able to finally break her down and have a good talk with her,and they make up. Melanie after having sex has to rush off to her second date with Derwin after almost cancelling it. While they’re hangin out Derwin tries to put the moves on her in attempts to have sex with her and it almost works,but Melanie now being somewhat emotionally confused has to stop in the middle of it and let down an aroused Derwin.

She tells him she has some things to deal with and he backs off appearing to be understanding. Rick shows up at Tasha’s place to find her upset and getting drunk. He is eventually able to reassure her with the help of Malik that he loves her and only wants to be with her so things look pretty good between them for now.

My Take : I liked the show .I thought it was very funnny as usual . They seem to keep recycling the whole Derwin and Melanie thing but it’s ok with me since they keep it funny at the same time and include alot of drama.

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