The Game “A Delectable Basket of Treats” Episode Review

The Game “A Delectable Basket of Treats” Episode Review

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The 5th episode of season 3 “The Game” opens with Malik having another fight with his mom,Tasha Mack over a wedding reception he plans to throw with Robin Givens to get more publicity for her. Tasha basically doesn’t respect his decisions and calls him stupid. Derwin and Melonie show up at the reception.He runs into more friction with Melanie as everyone thinks that she is the girl he got pregnant and make remarks to that effect.

Kelly and Jason bump into each other again and things were awkward at first,but they were able to get over that with some sex to cap off their night.Then Jason thinks they might get back together but oh,no Kelly still wants a divorce. Robin Givens returns for another episode and puts on a great performance for the public by acting like she’s madly in love with Malik .So good in fact that she manages to fool Malik. On a trip to Rick Fox’s house Tasha realizes how wrong she’s treated Malik by seeing the lack of disrespect Rick’s mom has for him who also called him stupid. Tasha decides to show up at Malik and Robin’s reception to congradulate them and gives Malik his grandmother’s ring as a wedding ring for Robin.Feeling overwhelmed by the gift Robin tells him she’s just been acting,but Malik out of fustration still forces her to continue the act to fullfill his own twisted desires for her.

  • My take: I thought it was a very funny show. I like the addition of the celebrities they had show up and they had ole Jalen Rose from the old Michigan Fab Five days. I was laughin my ass off. Also that T T character just cracks me up.
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    1. mathew says:

      what was the name and artist of the last song playing during the reception scene : the game ” a delectable basket of treats

    2. Valerie says:

      I would love to know the answer to this….searched everywhere for it…..please email if you find out the name and artist of the song.

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