CW’s The Game “The Platski Thickens” Episode Review

CW’s The Game “The Platski Thickens” Episode Review

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The 6th episode of season 3 “CW’s The Game, The Platski Thickens” is a very clever title as that’s Kelly’s maiden name and the show takes us back to Jason and Kelly’s turmoil ridden relationship. We find that Kelly needs to now be away from Tasha and Melanie for a while until she clears her head.Tasha doesn’t take it to well as she storms off in anger. Also Kelly no longer wants to be apart of the sunbeams anymore because she’s trying to seperate herself from Jason and the Pitts name. Jason is convinced to go to one of Malik’s party’s where he meets another girl and ends up having a wild night out partying and taking shots which leads to him having a one night stand with her.

Kelly ends up going out with old friends from high school using her old last name, Platski and soon realizes that she can’t get her friends into any clubs without using her “Jason Pitt wife” status and her friends are ok with that. In fact they encourage her to use her “Jason Pitt wife” status but she keeps fighting it. She also meets a new guy in the club who charms her well enough to get a number from her. Jason forgets its his turn to watch Britney the next day when Kelly brings her by and Kelly finds out about his one night stand when Jason starts to act all elusive and she here’s the girl flushing the toilet in the background. She and Britney storm off very upset. Jason has a moment where he’s praying to God and breaks down stating that he doesn’t want to lose Kelly and Britney.

  • My take: It was another great episode of this comedy. They are moving the season along great creating good drama with a nice mixture of comedy. They showed a nice little preview at the end of whats to come in future episodes, and I’m tellin you folks ya’ll haven’t seen nothin yet. This show gets even better and fire works really start to fly as the drama increases.
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