‘Transporter 3’ (2008) Movie Review

‘Transporter 3’ (2008) Movie Review

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In “Transporter 3” Jason Statham agains stars as, Frank Martin a driver for hire known throughout the underground world for always completing the job. The movie starts off pretty suttle and then about 10 minutes in , boom ! A car comes crashing into Frank’s house. The car contained Malcom Manville (David Atrakchi), a friend of Franks looking to get help to escape the man,Johnson( Robert Knepper) who hired him,and Valentina(Natalya Rudakova) . Unsuccessful in his attempts to save Malcom,Frank is knocked out and kidnapped by Johnson’s ( Robert Knepper) men. Johnson wants to hire or more like force Frank to transport Valentina to her Father, who is the Prime minister of environmental protection.

Johnson has previously kidnapped Valentina in order to blackmail her father,Leonid Vasilev( Jeroen Krabbé)in to signing papers that would allow him to bring tankers filled with radioactive waste into the country. In order to make sure Frank doesn’t stray from his assignment Johnson puts a bracelet on both him and Valentina that will explode if they get more than 50 feet away from the car. Frank doesn’t let this fact scare him away from taking this criminal down though. While going through a series of events which include fighting off 20 or so men sent to stop him from detouring,escaping men in cars shooting at him,avoiding being drowned in his car,and jumping the car off a bridge onto a moving train he cleverly works with law enforcement to track Johnson locations in order to bring him down and deliver Valentina safely to her father before he signs those papers.He also runs down the car in an awesome high speed chase after it is stolen and driven more than 50 feet away from him so he doesn’t explode from the tracking bracelet he’s wearing. The movie ends with a great train scene where he catches up with Johnson ,beats the crap out of him,and gives him a dose of his own medicine.Oh,and he also finds time to have a little hanky panky with the sexy freckled Valentina along the way.

My take : I thought the movie was highly entertaining and had me heavily engrossed in what was going on and what would happen next.The fight scenes were amazing and the clever way he saved himself from drowning with the car by using the air from the car tires was like something out of MacGyver. I loved every bit of it. I’ve read other reviews saying it’s the same type of plot rehashed. I say so what if it is. It works and I loved it. It easily kept me awake and I was highly entertained. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Grade : A

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3 Responses

  1. Really, an “A?” Wow, I thought this would be a snoozer. Thanks for reviewing this one.


  2. I’d have to disagree..

    I hated every minute of it,
    the girl was annoying,
    the dialogue was just as ridiculous as the action

    clearly one of the worst movies of 2008

  3. Andre@ontheflix says:

    Hey, Rama that’s cool. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I guess I’m just not that hard to please,lol!!

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