‘Twilight’ (2008) Movie Review

‘Twilight’ (2008) Movie Review

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In “Twilight” a young girl named,Bella Swan(Kristen Stewart) moves with her father to a new little rainy town called, Forks,Washington from sunny Phoenix,AZ after her mother decides to remarry and move to Jacksonville,FL. Upon her arrival at Forks, she meets some new people at school that she hangs out with,but one day she meets someone that stands out from the pack. A 17 year old boy named,Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson). He’s secretly a vampire that hasn’t aged since 1918 and comes off very shy and withdrawn at first because he feels himself unusually hungry for Bella’s blood which is an urge that he has otherwise learned to control over the years. He goes away for about a week and comes back having seemingly gotten over his irresitable urges at least enough to strike up a conversation with Bella. They immediately hit it off with the chemistry they share.

One day, though,Bella is almost struck and killed by an out of control van,but Edward steps in like a flash of lightning,sticks his arm out,and with super strength stops the van from hitting her all while she’s watching. From then on Bella knows that Edward is not like any other person she’s ever met. Edward realizing that his family secret might be in jeopardy starts to pull away from Bella again,but she eventually convinces him that his secret is safe with her and that he can no longer fight his urges to be with her. They start dating and he takes her to meet his family and explains to her all about his family history. One day when he takes Bella to play baseball with his family they run into three enemy vampires who unlike the Cullens seek to satisfy their urge to feed on humans. One of them in particular,James (Cam Gigandet) has super tracking abilities and once he locks in on Bella scent, he starts to hunt her. The other enemy vampire is a girl named,Victoria(Rachelle Lefevre) who also hunted with James but got lost in the thickel. The third enemy vampire,Laurent(Edi Gathegi)
didn’t really care to hunt for Bella and actually helps the Cullens by giving them information on James.

Edward also being able to read minds is aware of James intentions and quickly gets Bella out of town to try and throw her off his scent. This is successful for a little while but James tricks her into meeting him alone with a fake threat on her mom. Once at the location the suttle attack begins. James tries to film his attack on her so he can show it to Edward. In her unsuccessful attempts to fight back he breaks her leg and just when he is about to drink from her Edward shows up for a final showdown. The other Cullens soon follow in behind him to help finish the job of getting rid of James. They return back to Forks,Wahington,but in the end they definately leave it open to a sequel (which we already know has been confirmed) with the enemy girl vampire,Victoria still out on the lose and secretly watching them.

My take : I thought it was a very interesting take on the popular vampire myth that instead of being burned by sunlight it actually showed they’re ice cold skin reflected in the light. The storyline was excellent with a nice mixture of romance, (without getting to cheesy) action,and anticipation of what was to happen next. I can see why the book has such a huge following. It is an interesting story. Most importantly I was never bored and was easily kept deeply intuned to every part of this movie which flowed together quite nicely. It’s actually a movie I could see myself watching again which I don’t do often unless it’s a really funny comedy.

Grade : A

Written by : Andre Braddox at ontheflix

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    i don’t understand what is the appeal of Robert Pattinson (Edward), his nose looks funny

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