Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal Day,Caught On Tape

Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal Day,Caught On Tape

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AEG released the video (below) of Michael Jackson rehearsing Tuesday June 23,2009, just two days before his death. He totally looked healthy,and his dance moves were sharp. According to reports, there were no signs that Michael was ill,and certainly not any signs of him not being alive two days later.

The video shows him on stage and dancing intensely to some rock and pop music. He looked like the Michael of old up there on the stage. Then at about the 1:29 mark he starts singing,and dancing.

I must say that it was pretty entertaining especially considering that he could still dance like he was in his 30’s or 20’s. Reports over at Hollywood Reporter say that this definitely looks like it could have been an accidental overdose,and I totally agree with them from the looks of this video.

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2 Responses

  1. Kittycomere says:

    MJ’s doctor should be held responsible. He was hired to provide 24-hour care, knew the medications, even watching Michael while he slept, and he didn’t even call 911? CPR on a bed? Even the most elementary students know you can’t do CPR on a bed! Charge him criminally, the money-hungry whore didn’t care about Michael and violated his hippocratic oath.

  2. Domm says:

    well, whoever was in charge of watching Michael all night didn’t……..I miss you Michael!!

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