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New,Naked Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo Released Online

     michael jackson autopsy photo image

New,naked Michael Jackson autopsy photo released online. Yesterday TMZ released this new,sad,naked Michael Jackson, autopsy photo on their site. They say that prosecutors showed the image in court yesterday to obviously help their case on the sympathy side of things.

The image shows Michael’s naked body sprawled out on a gurney,just hours after he died back in the summer of 2009. They also reported that the August 25th,2009 date that shows beside his body, was said to be the wrong date by the autopsy doctor Christopher Rogers,and that it should read June 25th,2009. Read more »

Sony Released New Michael Jackson ‘Hold My Hand’ Song Online

michael jackson,hold my hand song image
Sony released new Michael Jackson ‘Hold My Hand’ song online. This past weekend, Sony released another new Michael Jackson song (below) entitled “Hold My Hand” featuring Akon. The song was featured on Michael’s official website. Akon recently talked with MTV news,and revealed that working with Michael was incredible to say the least.

He stated, “Just to be in the same room with him, I felt like everything I wanted to achieve in life had already been achieved. That’s how incredible that aura is.” It’s also reported that Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas is against the release of Michael Jackson’s songs. Read more »

An Associate May Launch New Michael Jackson Movie

michael jackson image

An associate may launch new Michael Jackson movie. According to TMZ, a new Michael Jackson movie may be getting released in the future. They say a former Michael Jackson associate is currently shopping around a full-length movie featuring unseen footage from Michael Jackson’s 1981 concert series.

The associate’s name is Ron Newt,and he claims he was very close with Michael,and that Michael gave him special “behind the scenes” footage from his 1981 Triumph Tour. Newt said that he put together a 64 minute feature film from his footage,which includes several candid moments involving Michael Jackson and his brothers. Michael is also seen dancing,singing,and directing the stage production. Read more »

Sony To Release New Michael Jackson Album With New Songs This Fall

michael jackson image

Sony to release new Michael Jackson album with new songs this fall. According to TMZ, Sony is set to release a new Michael Jackson album by this November. They say that Sony will release a new Michael Jackson album, containing brand new songs this November,and that it will apparently be just the beginning.

Rolling Stone says that Michael Jackson has approximately 100 unreleased songs from throughout his career,and the Jackson Estate has already signed a $250 million dollar deal with Sony to release the songs over the next seven years,along with reissues of Michael Jackson classics. Read more »

Katherine To Release 273 New,Unheard Michael Jackson Songs & More

katherine jackson image

Katherine to release 273 new,unheard Michael Jackson songs & more. According to TMZ, Katherine Jackson is set to release 273 unheard Michael Jackson songs,along with a biopic on Katherine Jackson’s life. They say that Katherine has gone into business with a guy named Howard Mann. They met five months ago,and she instantly liked him.

She started inviting him to her grandson’s basketball games and other events. After that, they started talking about publishing a book. Now, the “Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives” book is being published this week. Katherine is also producing a biopic on her life,and is going into business to sell 273 unheard Michael Jackson songs. However, they say that Howard Mann bought the storage locker containing the 273 tracks,along with 19,800 photos after they didn’t pay their storage bill. Read more »

Michael Jackson Kid To Attend Private School To Get More Socialized

michael jackson son prince image

Michael Jackson kid to attend private school to get more socialized. According to celebrity-gossip.net, one of Michael Jackson’s kids Prince is set to start attending private school soon in an effort to be more socialized after being isolated for so long.

They say that Prince who is now 13 years old, will be attending a private school this fall in order to help him become more socialized and well-rounded. Adam Streisand who is Katherine Jackson’s attorney recently told the press that Prince is ready to branch out,stating, “He is ready to branch out and have a more socialized experience.”

The other two kids Paris and Blanket do not yet have plans to attend a traditional school. However, Katherine is willing to think about sending them too. Read more »

Katherine Said Michael Jackson’s Kids Obsessed With His Images & More

katherine jackson image

Katherine said Michael Jackson’s kids obsessed with his images & more. According to TMZ, Katherine recently gave an interview about Michael Jackson’s kids. They apparently have no friends,and are very isolated. They just listen to his music all day,and one of them is pretty obsessed with seeing his images all the time.

They say that Katherine told the Daily Mirror, “They don’t have any friends. They don’t go to school, they have private lessons at home — but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private college.” In the interview,Katherine said that the kids spend hours listening to Michael’s music,and that Paris has turned her bedroom into a shrine for Michael. Read more »

Katherine To Take Michael Jackson Kids To Indiana For Death Anniversary

    katherine jackson image

Katherine to take Michael Jackson kids to Indiana for death anniversary. According to TMZ, Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson is planning on taking his kids Prince,Paris,and Blanket to Michael’s hometown of Gary,Indiana for the one-year anniversary of his death.

They say that Michael Jackson’s three kids will not be in Los Angeles, California to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Michael’s death. Read more »

Katherine Jackson To Release New Michael Jackson Book Next Week

    michael jackson  image

Katherine Jackson to release new Michael Jackson book next week. According to TMZ, Katherine Jackson who is Michael Jackson’s mother is releasing a new Michael Jackson book entitled, “Never Can Say Goodbye” next week. They say that she’s preparing to release a coffee table book dedicated to Michael.

The book will be released next week,and titled “Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives.” The book will reportedly consist of photos on one page and Katherine’s thoughts and memories on another. Read more »

Usher,Carrie & More Sang Michael Jackson Tribute At Grammy Awards

2010 grammy awards image

Usher,Carrie Underwood & more sang Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Famous musical artist, Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood & Usher took to the 2010 Grammy Awards stage to pay tribute to Michael Jackson in a special 3-D performance of the “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson (clip below).

Singer Lionel Richie came out to introduce all the artists to do their performance of the “Earth Song,” along with Michael Jackson’s voice. It also showed video of the forests footage. Then Celine Dion came out and sang her verse beautifully. Read more »