Big Brother Season 19 To Finally Reveal New Castmemebers on June 19th, New Details

Big Brother Season 19 To Finally Reveal New Castmemebers on June 19th, New Details

According to a recent report from Big Brother Network, we’re about to finally see the huge reveal of the cast that will be participating in the upcoming season 19 of CBS’ hit reality show Big Brother! They say that the big reveal is going to be streamed live on the CBS All Access Live Feeds. In light of that, you might want to go ahead and get the live feeds early this year if you want to see the cast reveal happen in real time. If not, just sit back and wait for all the news outlets to reveal the big news.

Currently, there are no officially confirmed spoilers or twists. So, we currently don’t know if we’ll be seeing an all-new cast or if we’ll possibly see some more returning payers. They did mention that CBS is currently giving away a one week free trial of the feeds. After that week is up, it’s just $5.99 a month. It’s not a bad deal at all.

After they do the big reveal, we should see some individual cast interview clips pop up on Youtube and CBS. We’ll be getting those posted periodically on this site and on our Big Brother Facebook page. Season 19 is set to actually premiere on Wednesday night, June 28th,2017 at 7pm central time on CBS. They’re going to kick off the season with a huge two-hour premiere episode.

After that, the show will air on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursday nights. On the Wednesday and Sunday night schedule, the show will air at 7pm central time. On Thursday nights, it will air at 8pm central time. Of course, the Thursday shows will feature the live evictions. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us for more “Big Brother” news coverage on our “Big Brother” Facebook page by Clicking Here.


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