Bold And The Beautiful Eric Is About To Reach His Final Straw With Quinn,New Details

Bold And The Beautiful Eric Is About To Reach His Final Straw With Quinn,New Details

Alright, so CBS recently revealed some very interesting storyline scoops that will be happening in future episodes. Some of them reveal that things definitely won’t go well for Eric and Quinn. I mean it already isn’t, but this new intel reveals their problems will get taken to a whole other level!

Starting with the August 3,2017 episode, we’re going to see Quinn get real excited over learning that Eric is about to finally return home. However, she shouldn’t be because this will be the start of the major blow she is about to receive from him.

CBS reveals that in the very next episode on Friday August 4,2017, Eric is going to deliver news to Quinn that will totally throw her for a loop! They didn’t say exactly what this news is, but we’re guessing it’s not good. We can do this with confidence because we found another scoop that’s coming up about this situation. The only thing is we don’t know which episode it will happen in.

But just know that at some point, Eric is going to ask Quinn for a divorce! If that’s not enough, he’s also going to ban her from his company and his house! So, definitely get ready to see this wild Eric and Quinn romantic storyline finally reach the end of the line in the next few weeks. I guess the only question left after this is will Quinn go running to Ridge after this? If so, will Ridge take her in? It certainly sounds like this could turn into a very interesting storyline.

Some other scoops reveal that Wyatt and Katie will keep up their kissing action while overseas. Steffy is going to confront Ridge to ask him what his real intentions are in regards to Quinn. That one will actually happen in the Monday, August 7,2017 episode. Alright guys. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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