Grey’s Anatomy Just Got Rid Of Another Main Character In Season 14

Grey’s Anatomy Just Got Rid Of Another Main Character In Season 14

According to a new report from the folks over at Deadline, ABC’s hit medical drama has written off one of its main characters in its current season 14.

They say that this past episode ABC aired on Thursday night, October 26,2017 titled, “Danger Zone” actually marked the end for season regular character Dr. Nathan Riggs played by New Zealand actor Martin Henderson (above far left)!

Martin had been on the show for just over two seasons. Martin’s final scene involved his character Nathan alongside a beaming Hunt and her Iraqi son Farouk on the beach as they started a new life in Southern California. Deadline was able to get a statement from the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes in regards to the Nathan character exit. She stated, “I loved that we were able to give Riggs a happy ending worthy of his character and talent.”

Deadline went on to explain that Grey’s Anatomy was actually Martin’s third project he had worked on for Shonda. He had previously worked in a pilot called, “Inside the Box” and another series labeled, “Off the Map.”

In another statement from Shonda Rhimes,she said that Grey’s Anatomy won’t be the last project she works with Martin on. She hopes to find another project to hire him for in the future stating, “As for Martin, this is not an ending for our relationship. He has been part of the Shondaland family since the pilot of Inside the Box and he will always be family. I can’t wait to find a new project to work with him on in the future.”

The folks over at Deadline also got to interview Martin Henderson to get his take on his exit and more. The first questions they asked him was, “When did you find out that Nathan’s story was coming to an end, and what were your impressions? Did you have any leeway with the writers on how he would exit?”

David responded with, “It doesn’t work that way in Shondaland. It’s handed down. If there are certain concerns or tweaks in a scene, the writers are open to hearing your thoughts and collaborating. But, the direction of the major storyline is decided on high.

I only had a short-term contract with the show. This is my final year so I was expecting Nathan’s storyline to be wrapped up. Bringing in Megan and tying up loose ends, provided a reason. That was always intended when they brought Megan back with a twist. The triangle played out nicely. The way they gave perspective leading up to her disappearance, the mutual infidelity; the way it was handled was interesting. It’s been a couple of fun years on the show.”

They had Martin talk about what he thinks is hypothetically next for characters Megan and Farouk. They asked him, “How do you envision their future?”

Martin answered with, “I think there’s probably going to be a tenuous start to their life together given all the circumstances leading up to their separation, then their reunion, and the complications of the relationship with Meredith. In a real-world scenario, I don’t think the transition will be seamless.

They’ve embarked on a commitment to start a new positive change and a new energy. Thinking symbolically, the image of them on the beach looking at a new horizon, for me signifies a sense of a new beginning and hope. Obviously raising the child, and Nathan finding his feet in a new town, won’t be without its challenges. They’re committed to a life together.”

Next, they asked him if there was any possibility of his Nathan character returning to Grey’s Anatomy in the future. He thinks his storyline has certainly been left open-ended and would never close the door on a possible return.

Martin explained, “I would never close the door. In my mind it’s been left open-ended enough. This is the third time that Shonda and I have worked together. I think providing an exit for the character where there’s a possibility for him to return is always nice.

It was always a short-term thing and I was happy to spend a few years doing the show. For now, it’s about exploring some other areas and I think that suits me. I’m not use to do doing long-term things creatively, so for me it’s a nice amount of time. If the opportunity came in the future with an interesting storyline, I’d be happy to explore. I definitely feel connected to Shonda and am grateful for the opportunity she has given me.”

They asked Martin if he might be doing another show with Shonda Rhimes in the future. He said there’s currently nothing planned right now, but that Shonda has said that she’d love to put him in a show that involves him with a gun in his hand!

He stated, “There’s nothing at this point. We both expressed a keen desire to work with each other again. She intimated that she’d like to put me in a show with a gun in my hand. I don’t know what that means if it’s a view on my virility or something darker.”

They asked Martin what he thought about Nathan’s overall arc in season 14. Him ending up with Megan after having feelings for Meredith. He answered with, “I think there was clearly something for Nathan in those relationships. Feelings like that, I don’t think they go away.

The nature of his previous commitment to Megan and his feelings around that put him in a horrible state of having to choose between two people he cares about, but honoring his commitment to Megan and following through on that is the right thing to do. It doesn’t negate his feelings for Meredith. The complications of Meredith’s emotions, the loss of Derek and moving on from that still plagues her. And there’s as much ambiguity around all those feelings.

The two of them found each other and that provided good drama. I feel bad for fans who were keen on Meredith and Nathan making it, and not being privy to where each character would go. It’s hard to hear those outpourings from those who didn’t know it was going to end up like this.

But it makes for nice drama and it’s something that Shonda does brilliantly: Dashing people’s hopes and expectations. That’s why the show continues to be successful. You can’t predict what will happen to people at any time.”

They talked about Nathan and Owen’s drama-filled relationship. Martin thinks it was interesting how they left it open and how they didn’t have Owen say goodbye to Nathan. He stated when asked if he thought Nathan and Owen left the bad blood behind them when it comes to Megan, “I guess that would remain to be seen if Shonda brings characters back together, how they would move forward.

Megan shedding more light on the details of the break-up and what was going on, that would go toward healing that rift. It’s interesting that they didn’t bring Owen to say goodbye (to Nathan). It was left hanging in that way. It was interesting how that was left open.

Owen might need a bit of time to get used to the idea of Nathan and Megan being together in real life. It takes a while to get around a situation like that in real life. When you’ve built up thoughts and feelings we think are true, and then when you find out that they’re not true, it takes a while for our ability to recalibrate.”

Lastly, Deadline asked Martin what’s next for him in terms of employment. He said that’s actually a work in progress. He’s currently trying to find the right thing. He’s definitely in a position where he can take some time to think about it. He explained, “That’s a bit of a work in progress at the moment. I’m finding the right thing. I’m fortunate at this point in my life and career where I can take a bit of time.

One of the things that I was grateful for on Grey’s was having the opportunity to live and work in the same town. So much of my career has been on the road. It spoiled me in a way. I’m not interested in projects that will take me out of L.A. I’ve reached a point in my other relationships and community, and my connection with the community and my career; these things are important to me.

I’ve got a movie early next year, a horror film, a sequel to Strangers “Strangers: Prey at Night.” I’m talking to my agents and looking at a range of projects that suit me creatively and what I want to do lifestyle-wise. I just got off a boat that sailed from New Caledonia down to New Zealand. I’ve been doing that for the last week or so. I’m just spending some time with my family, and plan to get back to L.A. to my girlfriend and my dog.”

Alright guys. So, that does appear to be the end of the Dr. Nathan Riggs character on the show for quite a while if not forever. What do you guys think about Nathan getting written off the show? Are happy with it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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