New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2018 August 20 & 21 Spoiler Teasers Revealed By ABC

New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2018 August 20 & 21 Spoiler Teasers Revealed By ABC

Hey, “Bachelor In Paradise” fans. We’ve got a new report for you guys straight from ABC for what’s going to take place in the upcoming August 20 and 21, 2018 episodes of this current 5th season. Unfortunately, they’re description is very cryptic.

They’re very stingy with the names to the point that they really don’t mention hardly any names at all. Reality Steve has not revealed his usual Episode by Episode guide for Bachelor In Paradise season 5. So, this is all we have to go on for future spoilers. With that said, let’s get into this.

ABC’s press release for the August 20 and 21,2018 episodes starts off with these following words in all caps: “RELATIONSHIPS CONTINUE TO SIZZLE, FIZZLE AND FREEZE ON ABC’S ‘BACHELOR IN PARADISE,’ MONDAY, AUG. 20, AND TUESDAY, AUG. 21.”

In their main description, they tell us that a huge storm is going to continue to brew both figuratively and literally. One of the ladies is going to confront one of the guys for deceiving her by kissing another woman. These three will eventually have a very awkward conversation too. ABC’s official description reads like this, “As storms continue to brew, both figuratively and literally, a distressed damsel confronts the man that deceived her by kissing another woman who then joins them for an awkward conversation.”

They go on to say, “Seeing his true colors, the shocked bachelorette realizes that she still hopes that her original love interest will prove to be her guy. So, when a newcomer with a date card steals away the dreamy football player for a conversation, it unnerves his former flame who fears what he would do if he were to get asked out on a date.”

From there, ABC goes on to reveal that one of the ladies will be insecure, and will set her sights on one of the new guys. However, she will worry when this new guy gets asked out by another one of the new ladies that arrives on the scene. ABC’s description of that, reads like this, “With four women potentially going home at the rose ceremony, one insecure lady sets her sights on an available bachelor, but worries when the newest arrival asks out the suddenly popular single dad.”

Also, one of the more brainy type girls is going to be very surprised when she hits it off with one of the guys who is a professional wrestler. However, another third lady will be waiting to compete for his affections. ABC’s description of that little scenario reads like this, “Thinking that they have little in common, this brainy beauty is pleasantly surprised by the professional wrestler, but his not-so-secret admirer is waiting for him back at the beach with a surprise dessert. When a third contender tosses her hat and her lips into the ring at the cocktail party, which of the three will he ultimately choose to give his rose?”

At the crazy cocktail party, one of the ladies is going to get a birthday gift that is designed to really upset some other guy that’s interested in her. And it just so happens that these two guys will be bitter rivals. The gift will be an oversized, stuffed puppy dog, and it will indeed cause the other guy to get upset to the point that he lashes out at some of both the other men and women!

ABC’s description tells us,”Creating more controversy at the cocktail party, an unabashed pot-stirrer gifts a birthday girl with a giant stuffed dog designed to get under the skin of her jealous suitor who also happens to be his bitter rival. Mission accomplished, as the male model lashes out on the adorable oversized pup and even some of the women. The spectacle he makes upsets one woman in particular. The one with whom he is falling madly in love, leaving her with a big dilemma. While other women panic over receiving a rose, she must decide whether or not to accept the one offered to her.”

In the Tuesday, August 21, 2018 episode, the women will be handing out the roses. However, another new guy will arrive on the scene. He’s described as being hunky with long hair. He’s going to ask one of the ladies out on a date even though she seems happy with one of the other guys she’s coupled up with.

Surprisingly, the new guy will get a “yes” from her. ABC description tells us, “The women are handing out the roses. A hunky ladies’ man walks into Paradise with his long locks flowing and asks out another fair-haired beauty even though she is seemingly part of a happy couple with everybody’s favorite grocer. To everybody’s surprise, including her concerned beach beau, she says yes, and goes out with the would-be Fabio.”

Bachelor in Paradise’s original bartender Jorge is going to return at some point. He’s will tell one of the couples that he’s written a new romance novel which is depicted in a dramatization starring some fan favorite Bachelor alumni. All that he needs now is a couple of models to appear on the cover of it.

ABC’s description tells us, “Paradise’s original bartender, Jorge, shows up on the date and, as fate would have it, explains to the stunning couple that he has written a romance novel, which is depicted in a dramatization starring some fan favorite Bachelor alumni. All that this bartender-turned-author needs now are models to appear on the cover.”

One of the ladies is going to participate in what is being described as a steamy photoshoot, and it’s going to make her realize that she might not be ready to settle down with the guy she’s been fooling around with. So, not surprisingly, this lady will say “yes” to a date request from another guy.

ABC’s description reads like this, “One hot and steamy photoshoot leads the lusty lady to realize that she may not be ready to settle down with the supermarket sweetie anxiously waiting for back at the resort. A date card would certainly help in his love and war effort, but when the next one arrives, it has another guy’s name on it. This time, it is no surprise to anybody when the lucky lady invited out says yes.”

This same lady is also going to get a warning from one of her old friends that her new date’s intentions might not be on the up and up. This will cause her to confront her date to figure out if he’s there for the right reasons. ABC’s description tells us, “When her old friend from home stuns her with a tearful warning about her date’s intentions, she knows that she must confront him to make sure that he is here for the right reasons.”

Lastly, we’re going to see a third date take place when a new foreign guy shows up on the scene. He’s going to ask out one of the girls who is totally over her last guy’s bad behavior at the cocktail party. The third date will turn out great. However, the old guy is going to return to try and get this girl back by doing a major gesture.

ABC’s description tells us, “Love is definitely in the air on a third date when a new arrival from a foreign land asks out a newly available blonde bombshell who is over her last boyfriend after his behavior at the last cocktail party. Upon returning from a successful first date, the giddy couple is awaited by the guilt-ridden gentleman who attempts to win his girlfriend back with a bold gesture.”

ABC also released a preview clip for the August 20 and 21, 2018 episodes. There’s a lot of drama that takes place in it right from the jump. A lot of tears are shed after a big confrontation takes place. It also shows the big fall-out at the cocktail party and more! You guys can view the new preview clip for the “Bachelor In Paradise” August 20 and 21, 2018 episodes over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

So, it sounds like quite a bit will be going on in ABC’s very cryptic description of the August 20 and 21,2018 episodes. Both of the episodes are scheduled to air in the 7 pm to 9 pm central time slots on both nights. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bachelor In Paradise Facebook page for more Bachelor Nation news by Clicking Here.

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