Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broke Down In Extreme Tears Again Yesterday August 19, 2018

Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broke Down In Extreme Tears Again Yesterday August 19, 2018

Hey, again fellow “Big Brother Fans. The crazy events of Big Brother season 20 just kept on coming yesterday, August 19, 2018. This particular event that we’re reporting on this article involves Haleigh. Apparently, she was brought to extreme tears again over something that Scottie said about her! Later on, they would eventually talk about it and make up, but not before a lot of drama went down.

Apparently,Scottie had this idea or so he claims that he should totally separate from Haleigh at this point. So, he decided to tell Faysal that Haleigh is like Kaitlyn 2.0. He said to Faysal,”Just like Kaitlyn played you and Tyler. Now, Haleigh’s doing the same thing, playing me and you against each other.” After that, Scottie also suggested that Faysal throw Haleigh on the chopping block with him when he replaces the veto winner Brett.

Later on at around 3:24 pm pacific time, August 19, 2018, Faysal told Haleigh what Scottie said about her. Then about seven minutes later, Haleigh was seen breaking down to Tyler about it in the bathroom. Tyler noticed that she was acting strange, and asked her what was wrong. From there, Haleigh just broke down , and they immediately went into the geometry room where Angela and Kaycee were at.

Angela and Kaycee got up quick to give Haleigh a hug and ask her what’s wrong. Haleigh told them of Scottie, “I’ve been the only one that has defended him!” Tyler said, “Did you talk to Scottie yet?” Haleigh said,”No, Fessy (Faysal) just told me upstairs. I’ve literally defended him ,and anytime Fessy brought him up, I said you need to hear the whole story. You need to talk to him. I’ve literally defended him this whole time. I’m his friend. I’m his friend! I’m the only one he still has in his corner, and I told him that. It doesn’t make sense.”

Tyler said, “You definitely need to talk to him.” Haleigh said, “And say what?” Tyler said, “He’s really just trying to save himself.” Haleigh said, “He asked me if I could play in the veto for him. I don’t understand. I don’t understand! Kaitlyn 2.0. Are you f@#cking kidding me?” Tyler said, “He said that?”

Haleigh said, “Yes, he said I’m playing him and Fessy. I’m pinning them against each other. I had nothing to do with this. I f@#cking argued with Fessy.” Tyler said, “I know you did.” Haleigh said, “It just hurts me because the whole time, I’ve been taking up for him and defending him, and like giving him the benefit of the doubt and then this. And then he comes to me this morning, and says Haleigh,’I need to talk to you about something.’ What could he possibly say? I think you’re Kaitlyn 2.0, and I want you to go on the block next to me because I think that’s my best chance of staying.”

Kaycee said, “You haven’t talked to him yet?” Haleigh “No.” Kaycee said, “It’s gonna be ok.” Haleigh said, “It just sucks. I can’t even finish my DR (Diary room). I don’t even want to talk to him.”

Angela said, “I think he felt that we are all against you because you put us up or whatever, and that you were the only person he could stay against. He has no idea that I’m not gunning for you. Tyler’s not gunning for you. Scottie has no idea because he doesn’t talk to us. He just assumes that since you did what you did, we’re going to come after you. And that’s not true.” It actually is true. Angela’s just doing a great acting job.

Haleigh said, “Thanks guys.” Tyler said, “Scottie’s never said a bad word about you until now. That’s how you can tell it’s not like a personal thing. It’s just a game thing for him you know?” Haleigh said,”It just hurts, and I know it’s a game move. He’s just trying to get someone beside him that will go home. Thanks ya’ll.”

Tyler, Angela and Kaycee went on to tell Haleigh that Scottie also has this big,crazy speech planned for the Power Of Veto ceremony that’s designed to attack her and what not. They have no idea what he’s going to say though.

After a while, they got Haleigh laughing and smiling again. They were saying it’s a crazy game and stuff like that.

A couple hours later at around 5:53 pm, Haleigh went to talk to Scottie. Haliegh asked him, “What did you want to talk to me about earlier?” Scottie said, ” You’re gonna hate me.” Haliegh said, “I would never hate you, Scottie.” Scottie said, “I need you to disassociate from me. They’re getting out pairs.” Haleigh said, “I’m not just gonna turn my back on you.”

Scottie said, “I think that’s the best thing for you to do.” Haleigh said, “No it’s not. Why do you think that?” Scottie said, “Because I’m gone. I’m gone.” Haleigh said, “I’m not just going to leave you by yourself to go through this alone.” Scottie said, “This is the part where you’re gonna hate me. I’ve already put it in motion.” Haleigh said, “What you mean?” Scottie said, “I ‘ve got all these people telling me you’ve been playing me. So, I just let them believe that I think that, and you can just be my enemy. I’m literally being knocked out by my own teammate right now. It’s not a good look for you to associate with me.”

Haleigh said, “I don’t understand.” Scottie said, “You don’t understand how that’s not a good look?” Haleigh said,”Scottie you’re my friend. Everyone here knows that.” Scottie said, “Not anymore. They all think that we’re enemies now.

I literally tried to play this game with my heart ,and it’s being ripped up in every direction.” Haleigh said, “Do you believe I’m playing you?” Scottie said , “No, but I’m so sick and tired of hearing that from everyone. So, ‘I was like f@#ck it. Just let her go and play her game.” Haleigh said, “We don’t even know if you’re leaving.” Scottie said, “Who am I gonna beat in a vote?”

After that, Scottie went on to tell Haleigh that he told Fessy about him calling Haliegh Kaitlyn 2.0 and that she’s playing him so she could disassociate from him. Haleigh acted surprised to hear it. Scottie said, “It’s best for you if I go.”

Haleigh said, “Scottie, I would never play you.” Scottie said, “I know. I’m just sick and tired of hearing people try to tell me that.” Haleigh said, I’ve literally defended you this entire time and have been fighting with Fessy.” Scottie said, “That’s why you just have to let me go. Because it’s literally to the point where all your friends are going, and I’m next. Then it’s just going to be you and Fessy. You need start building bridges with other people, or you’re gonna go soon.”

Haleigh said, “I don’t understand how this helps my game at all.” Scottie said, “I’m on a sinking ship.” Haleigh said, “What are you gonna say in your speech?” Scottie said,”I was going to say something, but now I’m not. However, I could apologize to you in the speech if that’s what you want.” Haleigh told him he didn’t need to apologize to her. Scottie said he wanted to after seeing her cry.

Scottie said, “I do not understand Fessy’s thought process. I’ve literally thought about it from every possible angle. I cannot understand it. I was legitimately happy when he won HOH, and I did exactly what he wanted me to do.” Haleigh said she thinks the whole Brett claiming he voted for Rockstar to stay caused Faysal to question Scottie. Scottie said, “Brett literally waited 45 minutes to say anything. His face tuned jet pink and he looked down the whole time.”

Haleigh eventually told Scottie’s she sad about everything that has happened. She’s sad that people don’t trust Scottie, and that he’s up on the block. She’s just sad about everything that happened with Faysal’s HOH.

At one point, Scottie told Haleigh he doesn’t understand why she’s been so nice to him and what not. She said, “Because you’re my friend, Scottie. I’m nice to my friends.” Something like that. When everything was said and done, they appeared to have made up or whatever. So, that was that.

Later on in the night, Scottie tried to pitch to Faysal that he needs to put Sam on the block next to him. He also tried to convince Faysal he can trust him by saying he would do anything for Haleigh. He also even admitted to having a crush on Haleigh. Faysal said he wasn’t mad at that. Scottie went over a couple of reasons, and it seemed like Faysal was coming around. He toldd him to go get Haleigh so they can talk about it.

As soon as he left, Kaycee went to talk to Faysal to intercept things, and quickly got Faysal believing Scottie was shady again which wiped out all of Scottie’s efforts. It doesn’t really matter though because Scottie would most likely still go home against Sam as well.

I think it’s definitely safe to say that Scottie is done for this week. But man,this has been quite an eventful week. There’s no doubt about that. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Another new Big Brother season 20 episode is scheduled to air this Wednesday night, August 22, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to look out for that one. It’s going to feature the Power Of Veto competition and Power Of Veto Ceremony footage. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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