New Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips To Getting The Most Powerful Ultima Weapon Keyblade Revealed

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips To Getting The Most Powerful Ultima Weapon Keyblade Revealed

Hey, Kingdom Hearts fans. We hope you are enjoying the new Kingdom Hearts 3 game so far. It has recently been revealed by the folks over at a few tips on how to craft the Ultima Weapon! They pointed out that crafting the Ultima weapon is indeed one of the most time-consuming things to do because it requires players to travel to a lot of game worlds and hunt down seven Orichalcum+ materials.

Orichalcum+ materials just happen to be one of the rarest crafting materials in Kingdom Hearts 3 because there is exactly seven of them in the entire game. And that just so happens to be the exact amount that is required to craft the Ultima Weapon. While crafting the Ultima weapon is the most challenging thing to do in Kingdom Hearts 3, it can be made much easier when you know where to look for the materials, and Gamerant has supplied tips for exactly where to look.

So, if you’ve been trying to craft the Ultima weapon, today is your lucky day. The first thing Gamerant suggests is waiting until all the Disney worlds are complete before attempting to hunt down the Orichalcum+ materials.

The first tip Gamerant provided on acquiring Orichalcum is by doing the Moogle Raffle ticket. To do this , you’ll need to spend money at the Moogle shop. Doing this, occasionally gives players Moogle Raffle tickets. These tickets can be mailed out using the Twilight Town mailbox, and if players are lucky, they will get Orichalcum+ as a reward.

The best way to get this Orichalcum+ is to save the game right before sending out a raffle ticket, and then reload if the ticket doesn’t result in an Orichalcum+. Gamerant pointed out that this is the fastest way to acquire this particular Orichalcum+ in Kingdom Hearts 3.

The next way to acquire Orichalcum+ is by playing the Frozen Slider Mini-Game. This is done after completing the Arendelle story. Players can return to the Frozen-themed world and speak with Elsa in the North Mountain area. This will trigger a sledding mini-game. The goal is to collect 10 treasures. There is a video that shows all the locations of the 10 treasures that you need to collect to get the Orichalcum+ crafting material. You can view that video over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

The third way to get Orichalcum+ is to visit the Exile Island by way of the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed world. To get to the Exile Island, you must travel to the southwest corner of the map. Once you get there, you should see a treasure chest which contains the Orichalcum+.

The 4th way to get Orichalcum+ is by way of Lucky Emblems. All of the major game worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 contain Lucky Emblems. They come in the form of hidden Mickey Mouse logos. To acquire the very valuable Orichalcum+ with this method, you will need to take a picture of all 90 Lucky Emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3. After you complete that big task, you should get rewarded with the Orichalcum+ material.

The 5th way is to make your way to the Keyblade Graveyard. This location is located towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. The chest that contains the Orichalcum+ material is not far from one of the save points and isn’t really hidden. So, it should be pretty easy to see. There’s another Youtube video guide for this. You guys can view on Youtube by Clicking Here.

The 6th way of getting your hands on Orichalcum+ definitely sounds like it could be a little more difficult. Players will need to defeat all the Eclipse Galaxy bosses for this one! Gamerant explained the details of this daunting task.

While in the Eclipse Galaxy, players should eventually encounter the Colossus Pyramid boss. Once you have defeated it, four other bosses will show up on the scene. You will need to defeat all of these bosses. Then another final boss called Omega Machina will freaking show up. You’ll have to kill it too. After all that, players will finally be able to claim the Orichalcum+.

Lastly, the 7th way to get Orichalcum+ is to get the high score in Flantastic Seven Mini Games. Hidden throughout seven of the game worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Flantastic Seven. Once players locate these unique Heartless, they have to complete a mini game at each location.

Again,you must get the high score in all seven of them to get the Orichalcum+ material. has provided a guide to finding all of the Flantastic Seven locations. You can see it on their website by Clicking Here.

After all that trouble of acquiring the Orichalcum+ materials, Kingdom Hearts 3 players will now be able to return to any of the Moogle Shops in the game and craft the Ultima Weapon.

Alright guys. That’s it. Now, it’s time to go get that Orichalcum+ material and craft that Ultima Weapon! The Ultima weapon is one of the most powerful keyblades in the game. So, it’s well worth all the effort to get it. Stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on our Kingdom Hearts Facebook page for more Kingdom Hearts news by Clicking Here. Get your favorite video game stuff by Clicking Here.

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