‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Hope Will Accidentally Hear Flo & Zoe Stolen Baby Conversation Soon

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Hope Will Accidentally Hear Flo & Zoe Stolen Baby Conversation Soon

Happy Saturday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys are having an excellent weekend so far. We’ve got some possible, great news for you guys who are finally wanting this Hope stolen baby storyline to possibly find some sort of a conclusion! CBS released a new batch of spoiler teasers for some upcoming episodes yesterday, May 10, 2019.

And all by its little lonesome, we found this lonely gem that revealed Hope is going to finally overhear one of these Flo and Zoe conversations about the stolen baby by accident! I had been saying this for a while that I think the only way Hope is going to find out about her stolen baby is by accident because Flo keeps getting talked out of it, and she will always just keep disappointing us.

Now, it looks like the time might possibly be here for Hope to find out the truth. At least we hope it is. We still don’t know how much info Hope will overhear from this conversation, but we do know it’s going to make her suspicious enough to demand answers from Flo and Zoe!

Here’s how the spoiler teaser reads verbatim, “Hope overhears a conversation between Zoe and Flo about Beth and questions them.” An alternate description reads like this,”Hope hears Zoe and Flo discussing Beth, and Hope demands answers.”

I don’t know about you guys, but that alternate description sounds much more intense, where is says that Hope demands answers. That gives me the feeling of like, “Whoa! This could be really serious.”

In addition to that, we’ve got confirmation that the beautiful Jacqueline MacInnes Wood will be returning this month to continue her role as character Steffy Forrester. Her first onscreen return date will land on the May 23, 2019 episode. So, be sure to note that very important date.

We’re hearing that Steffy’s return will feature some very intense storylines, which is another reason why I think this new Hope overhearing Flo and Zoe situation could be quite significant.

The official spoiler teaser for Steffy’s return indicates that she will “shake things up.” It reads like this, “Steffy’s return from Paris with Kelly and Phoebe will shake things up for those closest to her.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have a day for when Hope overhears Flo and Zoe at the moment. We do know it should happen within in the next two weeks though. So, it won’t be too much longer. How do you guys feel about this latest development with Hope, Flo and Zoe? Do you think this is the moment we’ve been waiting months and months to finally see? Or will it just be another dud served up by the producers to get our hopes up and then disappoint us again?

I certainly hope it isn’t. I will be really pissed off if it is because they have dragged this storyline out in too many circles that I’m freaking dizzy right now. I’m to the point where I just want to see Hope find out. No more of these Flo and Hope scenes where they have Flo trying to get the words out, and Hope interrupting her and all that nonsense.

We need something to happen with this. We don’t think the new Hope, Flo and Zoe situation will happen this week because all we’re seeing for this week is Katie plotting with Shauna to test Bill’s faithfulness and what not. I find it so uninteresting, but that’s what they’re going to give us. So, we’ll just have to endure it somehow.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this possible, new breakthrough development in the Hope stolen baby storyline, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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