The Bachelorette June 11, 2019 Eliminated Luke S, John Paul & Matteo (Episode 5 Recap)

The Bachelorette June 11, 2019 Eliminated Luke S, John Paul & Matteo (Episode 5 Recap)

Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. Tonight, June 11, 2019, episode 5 did finally air after getting delayed yesterday night. During the episode, we definitely saw the continuation of Hannah, Luke S and Luke P’s intense conversation.

Hannah asked Luke S to talk to Luke P in front of her about what went down between the two of them. Of course, they started arguing again. Luke S called Luke P a straight up liar, saying he twisted his words around and what not.

Then Hannah just got up and walked off while they were arguing. A few moments later, host Chris Harrison said the cocktail party is over. From there, we saw the rose ceremony start to begin. However, before it could begin, Luke S pulled Hannah to the side, and told her to watch out for Luke P, and then he sent himself home!

After that, Hannah ended up giving everyone a rose except for poor John Paul Jones and Matteo Valles. Hannah told the private cams, “My heart wants Luke P to stay hear, but my head doesn’t always want him here.” Hannah also admitted to already seeing a lot of red flags with Luke P.

After all of that, Hannah and the guys took off for Scotland. Once they arrived there,Hanna said a few words to the guys before asking Mike to go on a 1 on 1 date with her. They ended up having a lot of fun on their date, going to different places and shops in town.

On the second half of their date, they talked about some pretty deep things. Mike asked Hannah how she arrived to the point she is in her life. Hannah admitted to not loving herself enough in the past and so on and so forth. Mike liked how open she was. They both like each other’s company. So, that means Mike got the early rose with no problems.

While Hannah and Mike’s 1 on 1 date was going on, they also showed footage of the other guys confronting Luke P because they all felt that he is a lying psychopath. They warned him to keep their names out of his mouth around Hannah, especially Jed. He said, “You definitely don’t want to do that with me.”

At one point, it was revealed who Hannah was taking on the group date. At that same time, it was revealed that Luke P was getting a 1 on 1 date. During this time, Luke P told the other guys, “This date will determine if I really want to be here or not.”

The other guys thought that was strange since he claimed he was madly in love with Hannah after the very first night!

During the group date footage, Hannah took the guys to play something called the Highland Games. They had to dress up in kilts and compete in various competitions. Jed ended up winning the Highland Games event.

During the second half of the group date, Hannah kissed Jed a lot. She made out with Peter on a pool table. She kissed Garrett on a bench. She made out with Tyler C on a bed. But at the end, Hannah gave Jed the early group date rose.

While the group date was going on, they showed Mike confronting Luke P again about his mixed stories. Mike expressed to the private cams that he definitely thinks Luke P is a scumbag and hopes Hannah sees it.

Next, they showed Hannah and Luke P’s 1 on 1 date. Hannah ended up confronting Luke P about what went down with Luke S. Luke P said he may have handled things wrong with him. At one point, Hannah told Luke P, “I want a man that appeals to other people as well.” Then Luke P claimed, “Everybody loves me in regular life. I don’t know what it is about these guys.”

That caused Hannah to get really frustrated with Luke P because she felt his answers weren’t genuine. She said, “I feel like there’s no feeling behind what he’s saying.”

During the second half of their date, we saw more of the same. Hannah kept questioning Luke P, trying to get him to open up and be real with her. At one point Hannah straight up told Luke P, “You’re on thin ice. You keep putting up these walls that I can’t get through. You need to own up to your flaws and just be real with me.”

After that, we saw Hannah describe Luke P to the private cams as being robotic and someone she can’t connect with. That made me laugh hysterically.

Hannah also told Luke P, “This date did not go well. This is the worst 1 on 1 date I’ve had so far. I was wanting to get to a certain place with you, and I just couldn’t.” The episode capped off with Hannah telling Luke P, “I can’t give you this rose.” Then it cut out.

Here’s the thing though. We think Luke P does still get the rose somehow because that’s what our trusty source Reality Steve is claiming on his site. So, we’ll have to see if that really pans out to be true in next week’s episode 6.

They did show a preview of it,and Luke P is still there. So, it looks like he does stay somehow. I don’t know why Hannah keeps giving Luke P so many freaking chances. Heck, she even admitted to giving him to many chances, and that it’s not fair to the other guys. So, we’ll see. It looks like Hannah just totally breaks down in the next episode.

With that said, how do guys feel about Luke S, John Paul Jones and Matteo Valles getting sent home in this episode? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

Episode 6 is scheduled to air on Monday night, June 17, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Judy says:

    I think Matteo was an interesting looking and biographly sound pick. Many things in his past sounded different .. He was not shown as a departure interview in how he felt? Ehy? John Paul Jones either. Why?
    Luke Pmis a jerk. Period!!

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