‘So You Think You Can Dance’ June 24, 2019 Auditions Revealed (Episode 4 Recap)

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ June 24, 2019 Auditions Revealed (Episode 4 Recap)

Hey, “So You Think You Can Dance” fans. Tonight, June 24, 2019, the 4th episode of this current season 16 did indeed air, and it featured more first round auditions in sunny Los Angeles, California. Of course, the judges: Lauriann Gibson, Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe were on hand to express how they felt about each routine.

Tonight’s auditions kicked off with a female contemporary dancer named Jalen Sands. She delivered a very strong performance during her routine. We didn’t hear any remarks from the judges after this routine for some reason, but they did reveal that Jalen did make it to the next round which is the Academy.

Next up, was Trent and Colton Edwards. They are identical twins and had apparently did “America’s Got Talent” in the past. After their performance, Mary told them, “You are totally in tune with one another, and I was shocked you’ve only danced for three years.”

Nigel said, “It was entertaining.” Lauriann said, “I love the unique, awkward, fearlessness of it all.” Dominic said, “I love the chemistry, and I didn’t want them to suck.” Trent and Colton got 4 yeses from the judges.

Next, a male dancer named Bryan “Clocks” Volozanin hit the stage. His routine consisted of robotic and animation type movements. Afterwards, Lauriann told Bryan, “Your timing, everything. I get the difficulty.” Dominic said, “It had some great visuals.” Mary said, “I was blown away.” Nigel said, “It was entertaining.” Bryan also got 4 yeses from the judges.

After all of that, they showed a brief video montage of couple of hip hop dancers that made it through to the next round. They are: John John Tarrayo, Lorenzo Rangel-Santos, Gerald Taplin, and Anna Linstruth.

From there, they showed more brief footage that featured ballroom dancer Sofia Ghavami with former top 10 contestant Kiki. Another dancer named Vlad Kvartin with season 15’s Magda. The third dancer was Annie Lyn Sheketoff with Ryan from season 6. It was revealed that all three of these dancers made it through to the Academy.

After that, a male salsa dancer named Antonio Frias hit the stage. He’s originally from the Dominican Republic, but now resides in Florida. After his routine, Mary told Antonio, “I want you to get a partner to practice with. Your spins are pedestrian.”

Nigel ended up getting a girl named Destiny from the audience to salsa dance with Antonio, but he still ended up getting a no from the judges.

Next, a female tap dancer named Sydney Burtis auditioned. She’s from New York and has mild autism. After her performance, Nigel told Sydney, “I love your feet and technique. I found the music to be a poor choice.” Lauriann said, “You’re a brilliant dancer.” Mary said, “I adore your enthusiasm. I feel like you connected with everyone.” Sydney got 4 yeses from the judges.

Jarrod Tyler Paulson hit the stage next. He was there with his girlfriend Madison Jordan. However, they auditioned separately. Jarrod did a contemporary routine.

Afterwards, Nigel told Jarrod, “I was not expecting what I saw. It was fabulous. Lauriann said, “You’re unique.” Dominic said, “It was one of my favorite contemporary pieces.” Mary said, “You’re fabulous.” Jarrod got 4 yeses from the judges.

Lastly, Jarrod’s girlfriend Madison auditioned. She also did a contemporary routine. Afterwards, Nigel said, “I loved the control. I want to audition your kids.” Lauriann said, I love you, and I’m moved.” Mary said, “You are memorable. I loved the softness and strength.”

Dominic said, “It was so beautiful to watch. I want to see you and Jarrod dance together.” They did end up dancing together. Madison also got 4 yeses from the judges. So, they both made it through to the Academy.

That was it for the episode 4 auditions. You guys can view all of them on the “So You Think You Can Dance” official Youtube channel by Clicking Here

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “So You Think You Can Dance” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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