‘America’s Got Talent’ July 14, 2020 Early Auditions Part 7 Revealed

‘America’s Got Talent’ July 14, 2020 Early Auditions Part 7 Revealed

Hey, “America’s Got Talent” fans. Tonight, July 14, 2020, another new episode of America’s Got Talent season 15 did indeed air. Tonight’s episode featured more early auditions part 7. The judges: Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara were on hand. Poor Heidi Klum was still out sick with a mystery illness.

Tonight’s auditions kicked off with Alex Hooper. He’s a comedian. His set was pretty funny. There was no audience due to the terrible pandemic.

After the performance, Simon said, “I don’t know why I like you. You’re such a d#@k. Keep insulting us. We love it.” Alex got a yes from all three judges. So, he’s through to the next round.

Next up was Light Wave Theatre Company. They are puppeteers from Romania that do shows with human size puppets.

After their performance, Simon said, “It was beautifully done.” Sofia said, “It was very special. The dog was fantastic.” Howie said, “It was unique.” They got a yes from all three judges.

Kameron Ross was up next. He’s a country music singer. During his performance, he sang the song, “Red Dirt Road” by Brooks & Dunn. Midway through, Simon asked him to perform a’capella, and he did a terrific job.

Afterwards, Howie said, “Your voice is amazing. I’m a fan of yours.” Sofia said, “I got goosebumps.” Simon said, “I think you’re memorable. Next time, I think you should find a song that you can make your own.” Kameron got a yes from all the judges.

John Sevier Austin hit the stage next. He’s a singer. However, he sings songs backwards. After his performance, Simon expressed that he totally hated it. However,Howie and Sofie thought it was very interesting. So, they gave John a yes to put him through to the next round.

Next up, was The Ninja Twins. They are a dancing and singing brother duo. Their performance was absolutely corny as hell, and Simon definitely let them know it after it was done.

He said, “The singing and dancing was terrible.” However,once again, Sofia and Howie found their performance entertaining. So, they gave him a yes to put him through to the next round.

John Hastings arrived on stage next. He’s a very funny comedian. He totally cracked everyone up with his humor during his performance.

Afterwards, Howie said, “I really liked it. Your career has a high trajectory.” Sofia said, “I forgot I was here as a judge. I enjoyed it so much.” Simon said, “You were very funny!” John got a yes from all three judges.

Next, the Jefferson Davis High Band hit the stage. They are a marching band act. They’re performance was very entertaining. It had a mixture of dance coupled with all the instruments. They also through some acrobatic tumbling passes.

The judges loved it. Afterwards, Sofia said, “I really enjoyed it.” Howie said, “I love the dance moves.” Simon said, “It was great.” They got a yes from all three judges.

Siena Uremovic arrived next. She’s a very athletic, 17 year old, contemporary dancer from Australia. During her performance, she did a lot of acrobatic and sharp dance moves while blindfolded!

Afterwards, all the judges expressed that they really liked it, and they all gave Siena a yes.

Voca Nova hit the stage next. They are classically trained singers named Natalia Tsvi and Gilad Paz. During their performance, they combined opera with pop, and it came off pretty weird and over the top.

Afterwards, Simon said, “I don’t see any market for this at all.” Simon also buzzed them during their performance. Howie and Sofia booth agreed with Simon. So, Voca Novagot got a no from all three judges.

Sheldon Riley was up next. He’s a singer from Australia. During his performance, he sang the song,” I Don’t Want To Be You” by Billie Eilish. It was a very powerful performance.

Afterwards, Howie said, “Your voice is amazing.” Simon said, ” I like the mystery about you, and you have a great voice.” Sofia said, ” I wish I could see your eyes. I can tell you’re very handsome.” Sheldon was wearing some sort of facial mask. Anyways, Sheldon got a yes from all three judges.

After that, they revealed that was the end of the studio auditions because of the terrible Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, the judges had to watch auditions from people online. Heidi was able to participate in the online auditions. So,they had all four judges back at this point.

Chris & Sid were one of the online auditions. Chris is a singer and Sid is a dog. Chris sang while the dog howled along. Afterwards, Simon said,”It was brilliant.”Heidi said, “I’m sure America will love it.” Chris and Sid got a yes from all 4 judges.

Next, they showed Jonathan Goodwin. He did a danger act where he caught arrows. He got a yes from all 4 judges.

Tommy Sox was up next. He is an older guy that attempted to do some James Brown dance moves. The judges found it amazing. So, they all gave him a yes.

Next up, was Dancetown. They are a young dance group, and they ended up getting a yes from all the judges.

Puppy Pals were shown next. They are a dog act, which consisted of an 8 year old girl named Alexis that performed tricks with her dogs in the backyard.

Afterwards, Howie said, “You’re a puppy queen.” Simon said,”You’re a brilliant little dog trainer.” Alexis got a yes from all 4 judges.

Max Major was up next. He’s a magician from Las Vegas. He did a very amazing card trick during his performance that everyone loved.

Afterwards, Simon said, ” You had a great presentation, and it showed how much you care. Well done.” Max got a yes from all 4 judges.

The Hurd Family were featured next. They are dancers. They performed a pretty impressive pop and lock routine for the judges, and the judges enjoyed it. So, The Hurd family got a yes from all of the judges.

Erin McCarthy was the final audition for this episode. She’s an opera singer. She made the judges laugh by showing up on a horse to sing. Afterwards, Erin got a yes from all the judges except for Simon.

And that was it for tonight’s early auditions show part 7. You guys can view all of tonight’s July 14, 2020, round 7, audition performances on the official Youtube channel for “America’s Got Talent” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “America’s Got Talent” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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