Survivor March 23, 2022 Voted Off Jenny Kim (Recap)

Survivor March 23, 2022 Voted Off Jenny Kim (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, March 23, 2022, another new episode of Survivor season 42 did indeed air, and another unlucky contestant was sent packing in an absolute mess of a tribal council.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Lindsay of the Taku tribe telling the private cams, “I’m happy with the way the last tribal council went because we all voted together to get out Marya. However, I am on the fence about Maryanne having an extra vote.”

Maryanne went looking for the hidden immunity idol again, and she found it! However, it was another one of those pesky, 3-way idols. It has 3 other pieces to it. Two other people need to find the other pieces, and they all need to say a special phrase at one of the immunity challenges for it to become active. Additionally, Maryanne can’t vote at any tribal council until the idol becomes active. Oh, and she also blabbed to everyone that she found it. So, that’s a triple whammy against her.

Over at the Vati tribe, Daniel revealed that had to back track on his plan to vote Mike out because he found out that Mike’s idol will not die if Mike leaves the game.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity/rewards challenge. During this challenge, they had to swim out into the water and get a latter and keys. Then, swim them back and use the latter to climb up and unlock some sand bags. To close it out, they had to toss 5 of the sand bags up on a platform without them dropping off for the win. Romeo, Daniel and Lydia volunteered to sit out of this immunity challenge.

The Taku tribe finished in first place. The Ika took second place. So, they both won immunity. The Vati tribe finished last. So, they had to figure out who to vote off.

As a reward, the Taku tribe won a survivor toolkit and fruit, but they got to swap it out for fishing gear. The Ika tribe won a smaller toolkit and smaller basket of fruit. The Vati tribe lost their flint flint.

The Taku tribe picked Chanelle from the Vati tribe to go on the boat journey to the mountain, and Omar volunteered to go from the Taku tribe.

At the Vati tribe, Jenny and Mike were seen talking about voting Lydia out. However, Mike had no vote and was scared that Daniel would bail on that plan. Daniel told the private cams, “I’m comfortable playing with Lydia, but I would prefer that Lydia go home over Jenny.

At the mountain trip, Omar and Chanelle got a chance to chat. After that, they had to go their separate ways and choose whether or not to risk or protect their vote. If it was a split decision between the both of them, the one who chose to risk their vote, would get an extra vote. However, if they both chose to risk their vote, they both lost their vote at their next tribal council meeting.

Omar chose to risk his vote, and Chanelle chose to risk her vote. So, they both lost their vote at their next tribal council meeting. Lydia told the private cams that she wants to get Jenny out. When Chanelle returned from the mountain, she told Daniel she wants to get Lydia out. Then, she went and told Hai, “We need to get Jenny out of here.”

At the Vati, tribal council meeting: Chanelle mouthed to Daniel to vote out Lydia just before the voting began. During the voting, Chanelle got a note saying she lost her vote since she risked it at the mountain.

After the votes were read, Lydia got 2 votes, and Jenny got 2 votes. So, they had to revote. During the revote, they could only vote for Lydia or Jenny. Jenny and Lydia could not vote. When the revotes were counted, Jenny got 1 vote, and Lydia got 1 vote.

Since they ran into another tie vote, Jeff Probst told them that Hai, Mike, Chanelle and Daniel had to come to an agreement to either vote out Jenny or Lydia. If they couldn’t, Jenny and Lydia would become safe, and Hai, Chanelle, Mike and Daniel would have to draw rocks among each other to see he goes home.

Since Mike and Chanelle lost their votes at this tribal council, they had to confess to losing them because they had no say in the actual voting decision of who goes home. Only Hai and Daniel could actually vote out Jenny or Lydia. However, Chanelle and Mike could try to persuade Hai and Daniel’s decision of which way to vote.

So, they started talking about it. Daniel called Chanelle out for wanting to vote out Lydia. Chanelle tried to deny it, and things got heated. Daniel also said he definitely didn’t want to draw rocks. Hai admitted to voting out Jenny ,and he said, “I’m not changing my vote.”

Hai asked Daniel to join him in voting out Jenny. Ultimately, Daniel agreed to join Hai in voting out Jenny saying, “Yes, because I absolutely do not want to draw rocks.” So, with Daniel and Hai’s 2 votes for Jenny, poor Jenny did get voted out after a long and messy tribal council meeting.

Some of Jenny’s parting words to the private cams went like this, “I’m really disappointed in Daniel. You better watch out for Hai because I think he’s going to be slitting all of your throats in the end.” And that was it, guys. How do you feel about Jenny Kim getting voted off of Survivor in tonight’s March 23, 2022 edition? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Survivor season 42 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, March 30, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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