Survivor May 15, 2024 Voted Off Q Burdette In Another Major Blindside (Recap)

Survivor May 15, 2024 Voted Off Q Burdette In Another Major Blindside (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, May 15, 2024, another new episode for Survivor’s current season 46 did indeed hit the air, and we saw another unlucky contestant get ousted with another huge blindside. Yep, another contestant got voted off with an idol in their pocket. Three people in a row have been voted off with idols. That’s gotta be a record of some sort.

Anyways, tonight’s new episode kicked off with talk about how they got rid of Venus at the last tribal council meeting. Q told the private cams, “Venus could never rally people to send me home.” Ben told the private cams he had a slip of the brain when he wrote Kenzie’s name down at the last tribal council.

Apparently, Ben was the random vote for Kenzie to go home, but he swore to her that it was a total accident. Kenzie told the private cams, “Either Ben is telling a really dumb lie, or a really dumb truth. I’m just not gonna worry about it right now.”

Maria started crying over Venus telling her she was a farce for picking Q to go to the reward dinner over Liz. Maria said, “That hurt. It was really one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make.”

After all of that, host Jeff Probst showed up with a new reward challenge. During it, they had to make it through a couple of articles. Then, maneuver a ball through a maze and into a hole for the win. Charlie won it. The reward prize was Chinese take out food at the sanctuary and letters from home. Charlie got to pick two other people to join him, and he chose Liz and Kenzie.

At the reward dinner, Liz and Kenzie said, “Somebody needs to beat Maria. She’s too good at everything.” Charlie told the private cams, “I’m planning a blindside of Maria, and I want Kenzie and Liz to help me do it.”

Q went searching for a hidden immunity idol, and he found it. He told Maria he found it, and that he will play it for her if he has to. Maria told the private cams, “If Q is willing to play his idol on me, he sounds like someone I should keep around.” Q and Maria started talking about getting rid of Charlie. They both agreed to do it saying, “He’ll win in a final 3.” Maria told the private cams, “I love Charlie, but he’s standing in my way.”

Next, Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. During it, they had to make it through some water obstacles. Then, complete a dolphin puzzle for the win. Maria won it to guarantee herself a spot in the final five. She also foiled Charlie’s plans to get her out. Charlie told the private cams that Q could be next on his hit list at this next tribal council meeting.

Kenzie told the private cams, “I’m ready to get Q out. I want him out of here.” Q told Maria that he wants to take out Charlie. Maria agreed saying, “It’s Charlie tonight.” Q pitched his plan to target Charlie to Kenzie and Liz. They acted like they agreed, but they told the private cams they’re ready to get Q out. To help make this happen, they told Maria that they would go along with the plan to vote off Charlie to throw her off their scent to get Q out.

However, Charlie wanted to make sure he would still be good with Maria after this blindside. So, he told Maria about his plan to get Q out. Maria told the private cams, “Charlie’s going home tonight.”

However, Maria didn’t tell Q that there was a plot to get him out. She just told Q he may get one vote against him. So, it seems like Liz and Kenzie did a good enough job convincing Maria that they along with Ben are going to vote off Charlie that she didn’t feel the need to warn Q of anything more than just a single vote against him. Q told the private cams, “If I feel an inkling of doubt, I will use my idol.”

At the tribal council meeting, they just did some general game talk before casting their votes. Apparently, Kenzie and Liz did, in fact, do an impeccable job of making Q feel so safe that he did not use his hidden immunity idol. So, the votes went like this: Charlie got 2 votes, and Q received 4 votes.

With the 4 votes, Q was finally voted off. He didn’t say anything on his way out. He told the private cams, “They blindsided me with an idol in my pocket, but I’m happy with the game I played. I’m going to Applebees after this.” How do you guys feel about them finally voting Q out of this game? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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