NCIS’ Katrina Law AKA Agent Jessica Knight Rumored To Possibly Leave The Show

NCIS’ Katrina Law AKA Agent Jessica Knight Rumored To Possibly Leave The Show

Hey, “NCIS” fans. We were able to track down some new details in regards to Agent Jessica Knight star Katrina Law and her possible exit from the show. She originally joined the NCIS crew as a recurring character back in season 18. Then, she became a season regular in season 19. Now, it’s being highly speculated that she might be leaving the show after the most recent season 21, but no one is giving a clear answer to that question.

However, we do have some new details about it because the folks over at TV Line did recently interview the showrunner of NCIS Steve D. Binder and Kristina Law. They asked both of them if she’s exiting NCIS after this most recent season 21. They point blank asked Kristina if she’s returning for the new season 22, and she told them, “Hmmm…. Better tune in for that season opener!”

After that, she went on to talk about what she thinks her character Jessica should do moving forward. In the season 21 finale episode, Jessica was offered a position located all the way across the country at Camp Pendleton. Katrina stated, “I think that at the end, Jessica has to take this position because she knows deep down this is what she wants. She wants a career, she’s very ambitious, and to her a long-distance relationship isn’t the end of things.

At the same time, maybe it is, if it doesn’t work out. She has to go forward and see where these things lead, she can’t settle into something she knows will ultimately maker her angry and have regrets.”


How do you guys feel about Jessica Knight’s character possibly leaving NCIS after season 21? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “NCIS” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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