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Big Brother 13 Brendon Won POV Competition Yesterday Week 4

Big Brother 13 Brendon won POV competition yesterday week 4.

As previously reported team Brendon and Rachel were nominated for Big Brother 13 eviction this week by reigning HOH Daniele Donato.

Now, according to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the POV competition was held yesterday afternoon and that douche bag Brendon won it again,which really pissed Daniele off because she wanted him out,and so did I. So I’m really pissed too.

Also, Daniele made a deal with Jeff & Jordan the other day,not to put them up this week in exchange for not putting her up next week if they win HOH. If Daniele honors that deal, she’ll have to put one of the newbies on the chopping block,and hope she can get the votes to send Rachel packing. Read more »

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Delivered Lots Of Wild Action,Special Effects,Drama & More

small cowboys and aliens movie poster image

Cowboys & Aliens movie delivered lots of wild action,special effects,drama & more.

Universal Pictures released their new action/thriller flick “Cowboys & Aliens” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and thought it was way better than I had anticipated it to be.

The theater was also surprisingly packed,which made me think this movie is a pretty huge deal. It stars: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Adam Beach, Paul Dano, Noah Ringer, Keith Carradine, Clancy Brown, Ana de la Reguera,and Abigail Spencer.

In the flick,Daniel Craig played character Jake Lonergan who is a robber that has forgotten his identity after escaping the grasp of dangerous aliens. Now he’s caught out in the middle of nowhere,and makes his way to a small town called “Absolution.” Read more »

HBO True Blood Released 2 More New Episode 6,Season 4 Spoiler Clips

true blood season 4 naomi talks with tara

HBO True Blood released 2 more new episode 6,season 4 spoiler clips.

HBO recently released 2,new,sneak peek,spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “True Blood” episode 6 of season 4. The episode is titled, “I Wish I Was The Moon.”

In the clip, Holly is having trouble lifting a chair,and asks Andy for help. He,of course,comes over and lifts the heavy chair with no problems since he’s all pumped up on vampire blood. He tells Holly he attributes it to working out BS. After that, Holly sort of invites him for a cheeseburger dinner next time he stops by Sam’s restaurant. Andy asks her if that’s a date,and she basically says, not really. Read more »

Video: Kristen Stewart,Taylor Lautner Reveal New Breaking Dawn Birth Scene Details & More

Kristen Stewart,Taylor Lautner reveal new Breaking Dawn birth scene details & more in these new videos (below). Twilight Saga main stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner recently chatted with at the recent 2011 Comic-Con event last week,and revealed new details for important Breaking Dawn movie scenes,and more.

In the clip, Kristen seemed pretty peppy,and said she couldn’t wait to see what was going on at Comic-Con. Then they talked Breaking Dawn. Kristen said the final installment takes everything they’ve built up in the last few movies,and finishes the circle,bringing everything to fruition. She talked about the Breaking Dawn marriage a little bit. Then revealed that it took two days to shoot the big birth scene,and it was hardcore and fun. Read more »

Video: Robert Pattinson Reveals New Breaking Dawn, Sad Ending Spoiler & More

robert pattinson with on the red carpet at comic con
Robert Pattinson reveals new Breaking Dawn,sad ending spoiler & more in this new video (below). recently caught up to mega star Robert Pattinson at the 2011 Comic-Con event last week,and he talked about his new hair cut,Breaking Dawn,and some super secret sad ending,which is apparently his favorite scene.

In the clip, Rob talked a bit about his new haircut. Then he talked about how his popularity has grown at Comic-Con over the years since 2008. After that, they talked Breaking Dawn. Rob revealed that his favorite scene is some sort of big climax towards the end,but he couldn’t say exactly what it was. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel Begged,Pleaded Hoh Daniele For A Deal Yesterday Week4

    brendon and rachel talk deals with daniel,big brother 13

Brother 13 Brendon & Rachel begged,pleaded Hoh Daniele for deal yesterday week 4.

Ok,so yesterday on the live feeds, Brendon and Rachel finally got together to go try and make a deal with Daniele to help save their alliance for the week. I knew the attempt was doomed from the start,but would still be entertaining to watch.

Basically, Brenchal did everything I thought they would. First they hit her with a plethora of different reasons as to why Daniele should mend things with them and become the fabulous five person alliance again. After that didn’t work, they began to apologize for all the horrible things they said about her last week. They even went as far to apologize for sending Dominic home,wtf! Too late for that. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Rachel & Brendon Nominated For Eviction Yesterday Week 4

Big Brother 13 Rachel & Brendon nominated for eviction yesterday week 4.

As previously reported, my hero this season Daniele Donato won Hoh for Big Brother 13 week 4 on Thursday night. Now according to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, she went ahead and threw dictatorship couple Brendon and Rachel on the eviction chopping block yesterday afternoon,and brought poor little Rachel to tears again. I love it!!!

Hours before the nominations, both Rachel and Brendon went to Daniele to squirm and beg for a deal. They spent about 45 minutes to a full hour trying to convince her that getting back with the core vet group would be the best move for her. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Spoiler: New Dangerous Resident Arrives & More

jack coleman
New dangerous resident arrives & more in this new Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler. According to TV Guide,, the Vampire Diaries folks have cast a new guest resident for season three,and he could be dangerous. He'll be played by former NBC "Heroes" star Jack Coleman. He played the crooked Noah Bennett character on Heroes.

Now,he's coming to Mystic Falls. His character is named Bill,and is described as being a former resident of Mystic Falls,and returns home with a dangerous point of view about vampires. In related news, the show is also bringing on a vampire slayer type character named Eric,and a new big baddy who could be worse than the all powerful Klaus vampire,so season 3 should be filled with all kinds of shocking surprises. Read more »

Video: Christian Bale & More Talk New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Details In Pittsburgh

christian bale at batman 3 press conference
Christian Bale & more talk new Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises details in Pittsburgh in this new video (below). Main “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” actor Christian Bale,along with director Christopher Nolan and others recently showed up for a press conference in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania yesterday afternoon to thank the city and state for their warm welcome. Christian also teased new filming details in his brief speech.

In the clip, Dawn Keezer who is the Director of the Pittsburgh Film Office made a statement about how they’re glad that Batman 3 is shooting there. Then Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett made a thank you statement to the movie because they are creating jobs in the state,and also showcase what the state has to offer. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 3 To Bring On A Vamp Slayer & Someone Worse Than Klaus

Vampire Diaries season 3 to bring on a vamp slayer & someone worse than Klaus.

Michael Ausiello over at TV Line, recently dropped some interesting,new Vampire Diaries season 3 spoiler teasers in his last spoiler chat session,which reveals the arrival of a vampire slayer,and a possible new big bad,even worse than Klaus.

First,he revealed that there’s going to be a new vampire slayer, type character coming to the show in season 3,named Eric. He’s describe as a middle-aged guy,and is sorta like Indiana Jones with a stake instead of a whip. Read more »