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New Justin Timberlake ‘In Time’ International Movie Trailer Released Online

    justin timberlake, in time movie image

New Justin Timberlake ‘In Time’ International movie trailer released online

20th Century Fox recently released the new international movie trailer (below) for their upcoming Justin Timberlake,thriller flick “In Time,” and it looks good as it features more drama,action scenes as people who don’t have enough time left,die. The movie stars: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Muphy, Vincent Kartheiser, Alex Pettyfer, Johnny Galecki, Olivia Wilde,and Matthew Bomer.

In the flick, time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there’s a catch. You’re genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich earn decades at a time, becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. Read more »

HBO True Blood Released 3 New Episode 10,Season 4 Spoiler Clips

tara talks with holly in true blood ep,season 4 image

HBO True Blood released 3 new episode 10,season 4 spoiler clips

HBO recently released three new,sneak peek,spoiler clips (below) for the upcoming “True Blood” episode 10 of season 4. The episode is called, “Burning Down the House.”

In the first clip, Terry and Arlene start yelling at Andy after they find out he’s been using V. Then Andy immediately tries to deny that the V is his,claiming,it’s evidence. After that ,Arlene shouts at him some more,saying, he can’t come near her babies until he gets himself straight. The 2nd clip shows Tara and the witch pack still locked up in the witch store by Marnie/Antonia. Then Holly reveals she can find a way to break Antonia’s spell by forcing a crack in her wall. Read more »

Robert Pattinson Gets Very Angry In New ‘Bel Ami’ Movie Photo

    robert pattinson gets angry,bel ami image

Robert Pattinson gets very angry in new ‘Bel Ami’ movie photo

This new photo from Robert Pattinson’s new drama flick “Bel Ami,” recently showed up on the net,and shows him,getting quite angry as he’s staring at someone from across the room.

Rob definitely plays a different role in this film as a mean,womanizing person who rises to power in Paris after bedding the city’s most influential women. His character is named Georges Deroy who is a young journalist that grew up in poverty. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Jordan Cussed Out Shelly For Voting Out Jeff & More Last Night Week 8

Big Brother 13 Jordan cussed out Shelly for voting out Jeff & more last night week 8

Whoo,hoo! Last night, sweet,little Jordan let her bitchy side come out after her partner Jeff got sent home,packing by none other than Kalia with the help of Porsche,winning the veto. On the live feeds, Jordan stormed into the purple room where Adam was,and said she felt like and idiot,and probably looks like an asshole for trusting Shelly.

Jordan and Rachel were balling their eyes out. Then Shelly came in to try and talk with Jordan,but she was pissed. Shelly tried to tell her that they can talk when she calms down. Shelly went on to say, she felt like shit too,but is not playing Jeff’s game. She has to play for herself. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Porsche Won Hoh Last Night Week 8

Big Brother 13 Porsche won Hoh last night week 8

As previously reported, my favorite Daniele Donato and that jerk Jeff were evicted from Big Brother 13 in a special double eviction episode last night. Now,according to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Porsche won Hoh last night,shortly after the live show ended,so Porsche is on fire right now because she also won the POV on the live show that help get Jeff out.

Also, some crazy stuff went on in the house with sweet,little Jordan that revealed her true colors of being a bitch. She blew up at Shelly because she didn’t vote for Jeff because,God forbid, somebody didn’t vote their way,so they can get another paycheck. Jordan,just like Rachel, doesn’t realize this is a game,and people ultimately play for themselves. Rachel also got back to her bitchy roots after trying to be calm for the past week. I knew it was just a matter of time. Read more »

Big Brother 13 Eliminated Daniele & Jeff Tonight In Week 7 Double Evicton

Big Brother 13 eliminated Daniele & Jeff tonight in week 7 double eviction. Tonight’s double elimination episode kicked off with past scenes from this week. Then they showed more footage of what happened after the Jeff replaced Porsche with Daniele on the eviction chopping block. Daniele said she would campaign for herself. Daniele and Shelly started negotiating deals to get Jeff and Jordan out.

Shelly started campaigning for Daniele to stay,but Adam didn’t think he could trust Daniele. Dani got discouraged that Adam was the deciding vote. However, Shelly started trying to work on Rachel by revealing to her that Jeff threw the veto comp last week that led to Brendon’s eviction. Read more »

Survivor 23 Bringing Back Past Contestants Coach & Ozzy To Compete

 coach and ozzie survivor 23 image
Survivor 23 bringing back past contestants Coach & Ozzy to compete. As previously reported, “Survivor 23: South Pacific” is gearing up for its September 14th premiere date,and according to TV Line, the crew has brought back past contestants Bejamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth. CBS apparently announced the news yesterday.

This will be their third time to compete on the show. Coach previously competed in the Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains shows, while Ozzy appeared on Cook Islands and Fans vs. Favorites. Read more »

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises Photo Features Gotham Football Explosion Scene

     batman 3,gotham football movie scene image

New Batman 3,Dark Knight Rises photo features Gotham football explosion scene

The “Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises” Facebook page recently revealed this new photo that features the huge football scene that took place at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh,PA. Their description of the scene is: The Gotham Rogues play against Rapid City Monuments. During the opening kick, a bomb exploded via Bane’s earthquake machine that sparked much of the field, killing the players.

After that, the mercenaries entered the stadium with Bane and pumped one large object, 5 meters high. Bane then took a microphone from a referee who died,and made a speech, saying, “Gotham drones. Bear witness to their release.” Then, a large silver ball was thrown, along with a male hostage. Read more »

New Rihanna Sex Tape My Be Released Soon

New Rihanna sex tape may be released soon

According to Hollywood Life,famous pop singer Rihanna has a new sexy, x-rated sex tape that is apparently being shopped around. They say the tape involves her and famous rapper J Cole getting down and dirty. was allegedly sent screenshots and a distribution offer, and the material strongly resembles Rihanna and J Cole. J Cole’s phone was also recently stolen after he finished up a big tour with Rihanna.

Rihanna is certainly a provocative person,and has been spotted,sporting some seriously sexy bikinis in various locations on the planet. It should be interesting to see what happens with this new scandal. Read more »

Twilight Breaking Dawn Actress Revealed Kristen Stewart Is Most Like A Vampire & More

andrea  gabriel with mbn image

Twilight Breaking Dawn actress revealed Kristen Stewart is most like a vampire & more

MBN news recently caught up to Twilight Saga, Kebi star Andrea Gabriel,and she revealed new details for Breaking Dawn part 2,including how Kristen Stewart is most like a vampire,and more. (video below)

In the clip, Andrea revealed that she’s in Breaking Dawn part 2,and it was very exciting to be apart of the cast. Everyone was very welcoming,and it felt like she was in vampire camp. After that, she said that she was really looking forward to meeting Kristen Stewart,and revealed,she’s really ,really cool and down to Earth for such a young age. Read more »