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‘Race to Witch Mountain’ (2009) Movie Review

race to witch mountain movie poster image

In “Race to Wtch Mountain” Jack Bruno (Dwayne Johnson) is an ex convict turned legal taxi cab driver who goes on the adventure of his life when aliens, Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) and Seth (Alexander Ludwig) sneak into his cab after their space ship crashes on Earth. They give him a big wad of cash and tell him to just head in one general direction with what appears to lead to no particular destination. Once they tell him to stop driving, the location they end up at is an old abandoned house out in the middle of the desert. After they go in, Jack decides to follow them when he hears a loud noise. Once inside the house, he comes to find out that it’s much more than that.

Sara and Seth start to unlock secret doors in the house that lead them to a secret underground world where they need to get something very important for the survival of their planet. Read more »

‘The Last House on the Left” (2009) Movie Review

last house on the left movie poster image

In this remake of the classic film, ” The Last House on the Left”. Mari Collingwood ( Sara Paxton) and her parents, John Collingwood and Emma Collingwood go out to there vacation home that’s out in the middle of nowhere. Mari goes to spend the day with her friend Paige ( Martha MacIsaac ) that works in a convenience store. While there, a under aged boy named Jacob walks in to buy some cigarettes. He tells Paige that he’ll hook her up with some good smokes back at his motel if she hooks him up with the cigarettes. Jacob takes them back to the hotel thinking that his criminal father (Krug),uncle(Giles), and father’s girlfriend (Sadie) won’t be back for the day.

They have a good time smoking until his father and the rest show back up at the place suddenly. Since they are criminals on the run , they can’t risk the new visitors, Paige and Mari telling anybody. Read more »

Dollhouse ‘True Believer’ Episode Review

dollhouse true believer episode image

Review : In “True Believer” the Dollhouse is hired to program Echo to be a believer in a heavily armed “Children of the Temple” cult that are residing in a compound,and led by a man named, Jonas Sparrow. The Dollhouse performs a surgery on Echo to implant cameras into her head so the ATF (Alcohol,Tobacco,& Firearms) agents can monitor what’s going on while she is inside.

She’s temporarily blinded by the surgery, so she’s sent in to be a blind woman wanting to join the cult. Eventually when ATF agents want to raid the compound with smoke, and eventually fire, Echo regains her sight,and fights back against the cult leader who wants them to stay inside and die. She is successful and gets everyone out before it’s to late. Read more »

Sam Raimi Wants To ‘Drag Me To Hell’ and I like it

drag me to hell movie image

Ok, so Sam Raimi the director of the famous “Spider-Man” Trilogy and “Evil Dead” Series. Now, wants to drag us all to bloody Hell,and you know what? I couldn’t be more excited ! If you’re thinking it’s just another horror flick,you maybe right. However,for some reason as I was watching the movie trailer for this film,I got a sense that it is going to be a unique refreshing type of horror. Read more »

NBC Heroes ‘Shades of Gray’ Episode Review

heroes shades of gray episode image

Review : Matt Parkman is setup by Danko to look like a terrorists with a bomb strapped to him. Danko tries to kill him by activating the bomb,but Nathan comes in to help. Matt is then able to read the mind of one of the bomb experts, and deactivate the bomb. Meanwhile, Claire takes a job at the comic book store to go under cover and keep an eye out for more people with abilities.She also reluctantly helps out Doyle, the one who can control people’s actions,and who had also tried to harm Claire’s biological mother in the past.

Sylar, finally comes face to face with his real father who eventually tries to take Sylar’s healing ability once he finds out he has it, but of course he was unsuccessful as Sylar is way to powerful. Read more »

‘Watchmen’ (2009) Movie Review

watchmen movie poster image

“Watchmen” is a film that is set in 1985 and deals with the threat of a nuclear demise of the world. Edward Blake also known as “The Comedian” engages in an action packed ,but unfortunate losing battle with a mysterious intruder that ends with him being thrown through his balcony window with at least what looked to be a 20 story drop to his death. The plot of this film is kind of shaky at first and as we move through the film we are introduced to the different characters of the film. One of them being Walter Kovacs who’s hero persona is Rorschach. He is investigating some possible murders or something. I’m still not quite sure. I think most of it was in his mind. He was kind of a nut, but he had extremely good fighting skills which are displayed quite often in the film. Read more »

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ (2008) Movie Review

slumdog millionaire  movie poster image

In “Slumdog Millionaire” Jamal K. Malik grew up in the slums of Mumbai,and the movie shows that he is now on India’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. He’s answered all the questions correctly, and is now on his final question to win 20,000,000 rupees. However, when they take a break from the show for the next day, the game show host has him arrested on suspicion of cheating. So the police shock him and torture him to try and get him to confess to cheating because they can’t understand how a boy from the slums could know all the answers. Finally, they stop torturing him after he continues to profess that he knew all the answers.

They proceed to run back the games show tape, and go over each question chronologically in an effort to explore why he knew the question to each answer. Read more »

Dollhouse ‘Gray Hour’ Episode Review

dollhouse gray hour episode image

Review : Echo is hired and programmed to be an expert safe cracker named “Taffy” .They break into an art museum to steal an important piece of art worth millions. Everything is going well until someone on her four man team decides he wants it for himself, and takes off locking them in the museum with only 30 minutes left until the system alarms go off sending the police in.

Taffy / Echo is sure she can get them out.First, She makes a phone call to Boyd on her cell phone to instruct him to intercept the guy who stole the art,and get it back. All of a sudden however, Echo is remotely wiped of Taffy’s persona , and left helpless. Read more »

New Eminem ‘Crack A Bottle’ Song & Info . Listen Now

eminem ft dr dre and 50 cent crack a bottle album image

“Crack A Bottle” is a hot new rap song by Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. The single broke the digital sales record on February 12,2009 with a record of 418,000 downloads which beat out the previous record holder, T.I. featuring Rihanna for the song “Live Your Life”. This song made a huge leap on the Billboard Hot 100 charts from like #78 to # 1 on February 21,2009.

This is Eminem’s second number 1 U.S. song and his first since way back in 2002. It’s been a long time coming especially since that poor album “Encore”. I thought it was just dialed in, but heck he’s redeemed himself with this song alone. His verse on the track is real tight or great if you don’t know the lingo. Any ways you can listen to the single below, and be for warned that it does have EXPLICIT LYRICS. Listen below.

Artist : Eminem ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
Song : Crack A Bottle
Album : Relapse
Release Date : May 19,2009
Label : Aftermath,Interscope,Shady Records

NBC Heroes ‘Exposed’ Episode Review

heroes exposed episode image

Review : Claire continues on her mini mission to help save the boy who can breathe under water from being captured by Nathan’s people. Peter borrows Matt’s mind control and mind reading abilities so they can both break in to Nathan’s building and steal some information. They are successful,but Matt gets captured in the end while Nathan helps save Peter after he gets shot in the arm. Then Peter borrows back Nathan’s flying ability from him, and flies away, again after making it seem like he would go back with Nathan.

Claire eventually reveals to her mother that she’s been hiding the “under water breathing boy” in her room. Her mother is upset at first Read more »