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Very Important Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Jackson & April Information Revealed

Recently, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly posted another one of their “Spoiler Room” chat sessions where they answer fan questions about their favorite TV shows. In this session, they revealed some very important,new details about Jackson and April when a fan asked them, “What’s next for Japril this season on Grey’s Anatomy?”

It turns out that there’s not good news for these two in the future when it comes to them being a couple. Obviously, they will always interact since they have a child together. Entertainment Weekly was able to get a statement from April portrayer Sarah Drew. Read more »

A Major Confrontation Is About To Take Place On Grey’s Anatomy Season 14, New Details

Hey, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We got some new, official preview details from ABC for the upcoming episode 4 of this current season 14 in the form of an episode press release. It sounds like we’re going to see even more drama and surprises in this one. One particular situation is going to involve the ongoing and unfortunate brain tumor that Amelia has been inflicted with. Episode 4 is entitled, “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head.”

The episode 4 teaser description tells us that a big confrontation will take place in regards to Amelia. It states that she will have to confront a very difficult decision. ABC didn’t say what this decision entails, but we can only imagine it has something to do with her current condition. Read more »

New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Important Amelia Information Revealed By Head Writer

Recently, the folks over at TV Line got to chat up Grey’s Anatomy’s head writer Krista Vernoff. During this particular interview, they started talking about Owen and Teddy’s kiss. And of course, that led them to talking about poor Amelia who’s going through a really tough time right now after learning about her devastating brain tumor!

Vernoff did reveal some very important information regarding Amelia’s condition, and it does give us a more positive outlook on her future. At one point, TV Line asked Vernoff, “Will we finally get to see Amelia smile again? Vernoff answered, “Yes, 100 percent, you will.” Read more »

Grey’s Anatomy Jessica Capshaw Talked New Season 14 Arizona Girlfriend Details

Recently, Entertainment Weekly got to chat with Jessica Capshaw who portrays character Arizona Robbins in ABC’s hit drama series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

During this particular interview, they talked more in depth about Arizona’s new girlfriend relationship that was revealed in last night’s season 14 premiere episode. Apparently, Arizona hooked up with Andrew Deluca’s sister Carina. It was revealed that Carina is an OBGYN. Read more »

New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Episode 3 Official Teaser Description Revealed By ABC

Recently, ABC served up a new press release/teaser description for their upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” episode 3 of the current season 14. It sounds like we’ll see some very intense and intriguing stuff take place in it as Amelia attempts to manage her new scary brain tumor secret! Bailey is put on edge. Meredith sees a familiar face and more.

Their press release also revealed a title for this episode. It’s labeled, “Go Big or Go Home.” In their main description, they revealed that Harper Avery is going to show up at Grey Sloan at some point. Read more »

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Interesting Owen,Amelia,Teddy & More Teaser Scoops Revealed

Recently, Entertainment Weekly got to chat up Grey’s Anatomy Owen Hunt star Kevin McKidd. During their interview, he revealed some very interesting storyline teasers that we can expect to see take place with his character in the new 14th season.

He’s going to encounter some new, weird problems with Amelia. Apparently, she’s in this new frame of mind that just causes a lot of issues for them. Owen will also be feeling a lot of guilt over his returning sister Megan who will now be played by actress Abigail Spencer. Read more »

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Got Rid Of Another Main Female Doctor Character

According to a new report from the folks over at TV Line ABC’s hit medical drama will not be bringing back yet another main female doctor character for their brand new 14th season. They say that it appears that actress Tessa Ferrer (above) will not be returning to reprise her Leah Murphy character.

They have multiple sources telling them that Tessa has not been seen on the Grey’s Anatomy set this season and that they’re currently aren’t any plans to phase her Leah Murphy character back into any of the Grey Sloan storylines. Tessa was first seen on the show way back in season 9. Then her character got written out of the show in the season 10 finale episode when Richard decided to fire her for not performing well on the job as a surgeon. Read more »

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Premiere Episodes 1 And 2 Official Descriptions Revealed By ABC

Hey, Grey’s Anatomy fans. It’s time to get real excited! ABC has finally released the official synopsis/spoiler teasers for their upcoming “Grey’s Anatomy” premiere episodes 1 and 2 of season 14. As previously reported, they’re airing these episodes back to back on the same night as a big two-hour season premiere.

It definitely sounds interesting as Amelia will face a huge conflict situation. Bailey has to fix major damages to the hospital. Meredith faces some really hard times in regards to Owen’s sister. A very startling discovery gets made by Andrew’s sister and much, much more! Read more »

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Will Address Something In A Very Interesting Way

Recently, the folks over at TV Line got to chat up one of Grey’s Anatomy’s executive producers Debbie Allen and she revealed another interesting storyline teaser that will be featured in the show’s big two-hour premiere.

It has to do with character Arizona Robbins played by actress Jessica Capshaw (above right). It turns out that we’re going to see her split up with character Eliza Minnick get addressed at some point even though Eliza will be nowhere in sight. Read more »

Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Aka Meredith Revealed When The Show Will End,New Details

According to the folks over at People’s Choice, Ellen Pompeo (above) who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on ABC’s hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” recently revealed when the show is actually scheduled to end. They say she recently gave an interview with the Variety news team and told them that the show will end when she decides to quit.

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be for quite some time the actress revealed. She said that she and the show’s producer Shonda Rhimes actually had a conversation about this topic and came to the conclusion that the show will go on as long as Ellen wants to keep doing it. Read more »