“Role Models” (2008) Movie Review

“Role Models” (2008) Movie Review

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In “Role Models” two traveling energy drink salesman, Wheeler(Seann William Scott) and Paul Rudd (Danny Donahue) go around to different schools pedalling the drink. Then one day after Paul gets dumped by his girlfriend,Beth(Elizabeth Banks) and being in a very bad mood gets them involved in an altercation that could land them both in jail for 30 days.

Beth, being a lawyer is able to get them 150 hours of community service instead. The only problem is it’s a mentoring program where they have to hang out with some crazy kids and teach them stuff. Wheeler gets stuck with, Ronnie Shields (Bobb’e J. Thompson) a young elementry kid with anger problems and a foul mouth.Paul gets to hang out with,Augie Farks (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) a teenage boy who’s into medieval role play(funniest thing ever) which oddly enough becomes a big highlight at the end of this film .

Although, they all hate it at first, after a series of very funny yet learning experiences which include, Wheeler ending up passed out naked at a camp outing,Paul and Augie hanging out at a big medieval role play gathering that involves fake sword fighting,and Wheeler losing Ronnie while trying to get laid. They end up building a bond with the kids. They teach the kids a little something and in return the kids teach them something which helps them all grow as peolple in the end.

My take: This is an absolutely kickass funny movie. It moves along from one extremely funny scene to another. Also that Christopher Mintz-Plasse kid plays these geek roles to perfection. There are these scenes where they’re doing this medieval role play and they’ll stab themselves with fake swords and act like they’re dying and stuff. They’ll just stay in character like forever.It’s the absolute funniest thing I have ever seen.Also Seann William Scott plays the lewd,funny,sexual type character that pretty much made him popular. If you wanna laugh really hard for a long time then I suggest you go see this movie. Two thumbs up with a medieval sword on top. 🙂

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