Gossip Girl “Bonfire of the Vanity” Episode Review

Gossip Girl “Bonfire of the Vanity” Episode Review

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In the 10th episode of season 2 “Gossip Girl” we see that Dan is still set on doing a story on Bart Bass but his dad is not so thrilled. Jenny and Agnes (guest star Willa Holland) try and team up to offer their fashion line ,but it turns out that they don’t make such a good team and turn off potential busines managers. So, Jenny decides to split the ties and go off on her own behind Agenes’ back. Agnes isn’t to happy when she finds out and shows her crazy side by burning all of Jenny’s dresses.

Serena is still fascinated with this Aaron(guest star John Patrick Amedori) character,but then she finds out that he doesn’t follow the same code of ethics when it comes to dating which dampens things a bit. However, Serena eventually comes around to it in the end it appears. Blair is all excited to meet the new man in her mother’s life, but when she sees him she finds out he’s not quite what she expected and trys to break them up and almost succeeds. It turns out though that he’s a little smarter than she thinks and kind of wins her over in the end.

Dan’s all set and ready to write an incriminating story on Bart Bass for a prestigious magazine which could yield great opportunities for him in the future,but his conscious kicks in and he realizes it could ruin Serena’s family so he kills the story. Little Jenny Humphries is till determined to get a contract for her fashion line despite neither of her parents granting her the much needed signatures in order to give it a green light. So she is faced with a very serious choice of declaring emancipation from them,but apparently she didn’t have to give it a second thought as she agreed within seconds of the option being presented to her. they took a break from Nate and his issues this week but we’ll see him again next week. Oh,yeah and Cindy Lauper made a guest appearance on this weeks show. Hey, I guess the girl just wants to have fun.

My take: I think this was an excellent show and it just keeps getting better every week. The writers have managed to keep the story line interesting and fresh unlike someother shows I know. The characters of this show are so unique that it’s hard for it not to be interesting.

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