NBC Heroes “Villains” Episode Review

NBC Heroes “Villains” Episode Review

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The 8th episode of season 3 “Heroes” takes us through time again. One year in the past to be exact. Hiro sets the stage by doing the whole white eyes thing and then looks into the past. While most of the episode explores Sylar and Petrelli’s past. We do see Merideth’s one year younger self as she trains to be an agent after getting into trouble with what appears to be her dumbass brother. Although not fully addressed we see Elle(Kristen Bell) teamed up with Noah as agents and it looks like they have somehow traveled back one year into the past to try and kill Sylar or at least mess with him.

It’s the only conclusion I could draw from the what I saw because they new what Sylar would become already so that past reality was not their reality. They were just visiting it. We also find out more on Authur Petrelli and how he tried to kill Nathan . Apparently he would use his powers to make his wife,Angela Petrelli forget bad things he would try and do to Nathan. Once this was revealed to Angela she took action and poisoned Authurs food . The family thought he died,but then it was revealed that he just got permantly paralyzed from the poison and was laying up in a hospital bed.

Elle starting to fall for Sylar while playing her udercover agent role as his girlfriend got to see first hand how much of a killer he is when he gets angry and jealous. She having a little faith in him is dissappointed and tries to stop him from doing it by using her powers and blows her cover. Hiro wakes up out of his vision state to find the Black bald headed guy that assisted him in getting into his visionary state decapitated by what looks to be Authur Petrelli as he shows up and starts doing something Violent to Hiro. The “To be continued” credits role and we are left once again to hang in the balance of the next 7 days to see what the hell happened.

My take: All these Heroe shoes are amazingly interesting. I never get bored watching it,and any episode with Kristen Bell is quite lovely. I just can’t get enough of her. I really dugg her as Veronica Mars and now she just has me sprung. What can I say?

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