NBC Heroes ‘Shades of Gray’ Episode Review

NBC Heroes ‘Shades of Gray’ Episode Review

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Review : Matt Parkman is setup by Danko to look like a terrorists with a bomb strapped to him. Danko tries to kill him by activating the bomb,but Nathan comes in to help. Matt is then able to read the mind of one of the bomb experts, and deactivate the bomb. Meanwhile, Claire takes a job at the comic book store to go under cover and keep an eye out for more people with abilities.She also reluctantly helps out Doyle, the one who can control people’s actions,and who had also tried to harm Claire’s biological mother in the past.

Sylar, finally comes face to face with his real father who eventually tries to take Sylar’s healing ability once he finds out he has it, but of course he was unsuccessful as Sylar is way to powerful. Danko is now on to Nathan, and suspects that he has an ability. He confirms that suspicion when he pushes him out of what looked to be at least a 10 story window, and Nathan of course shows that he can fly in order to save himself. Nathan also rescues Claire when her home gets invaded at the end.

My Take : Good episode

Grade : B

TV Show : Heroes : Shades of Gray – Episode 19, Season 3
Original Air Date : Monday March 9, 2009
Network : NBC Network

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