NBC Heroes “Eris Quod Sum” Episode Review

NBC Heroes “Eris Quod Sum” Episode Review

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The 7th episode of season 3 “Heroes” picks up from last week with Peter getting all his powers taken away by his father, Arthur Petrelli leaving him in a very vulnerable state. Sylar does come in and rescue him from getting killed at one point in the show.Peter threatens to take down Arthur Petrelli with or without his powers. Claire has another run in with Elle(played by Kristen Bell. God, I love her.)who is experiencing trouble controlling her powers and it appears that the two of them have something in common as Claire’s powers have also escalated to a point to where she can’t feel any pain. So the two team up to search for answers.Meanwhile it is revealed to Suresh from Peter that he becomes a monster in the future.

He does not take the news to well and thinks that it’s to late.Suresh also tries to seek out the help of Arthur Petrelli in getting rid of his new abilities when he sees that he can take away people’s abilities,but his attempt fails because Arthur Petrelli is well, evil and not easy to work with these days.Not much went on with Nathan and Tracy. They did have a little run in with Suresh but it was short lived.Also speedster Daphne is ordered to kill someone which she has stated in the past that she doesn’t do so it should be interesting to see how that plays out. Hiro and Ando continue their little adventures and make their way to that Black guy in the desert somewhere that helps people look into the future by eating that playdough looking crap. The episode ends on that note with Hiro having the white eyes and looking into the future.

My take: I thought the episode was ok. I was glad to see hottie, Kristen Bell back as Elle. I like to see her and Claire go at it.It makes for some interesting scenes and it’s a beautiful thing.They’ve also got me curious to see if they continue on and let Suresh become that future monster looking thing.

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