Smallville “Identity” Episode Review

Smallville “Identity” Episode Review

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The 7th episode of season 8 “Smallville” shows Jimmy Olsen taking a snapshot of Clark superspeeding in to save Lois from being shot by a mugger and hit by a car at the same time. Clark’s moving so fast that it just shows up as a red blurr on the photo.However, that doesn’t stop Jimmy from investigating and researching it further .He eventually connects the dots back to Clark after seeing a photo of him in that same red jacket that created the strange red blurr in the photo he took.

Clark repeatedly denys it was him,but Jimmy is dead set on proving that it’s Clark. Clark concerned for Jimmy’s safety seeks a way to throw Jimmy of his trail with the help of Chloe and Oliver Queen. Lois meets a new friend that she dates briefly until he well tries to kill her after she finds out his little supernatural secret of being able to see people’s memories by touching them.A plan to throw Jimmy of Clark’s trail goes bad after Clark has to make a quick exit to save Lois in time,but Oliver is able to improvise after having to really save Jimmy from being kidnapped by people who think he has some valuable information.Chloe shows an interesting side to her at the end when she takes care of Lois’s attacker while he’s in the hospital. It appears as though she wiped his mind clean of the memory of seeing Clark.It looks like she really jacked him up and I kinda liked it.

  • My take: I thought it was a pretty good episode and got pretty interesting when Jimmy thought he was on to Clark and the little twist with Chloe at the end was a fitting close to take the season on further into the next episode.
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