Supernatural “It’s the Great Pumpkin,Sam Winchester” Episode Review

Supernatural “It’s the Great Pumpkin,Sam Winchester” Episode Review

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The 7th episode of season 4 “Supernatural” starts out with some mysterious deaths that Dean and Sam start to investigate. They find that a witch has been sacrificing people in order to summon a demon named Samhain when they come across some hex bags.They find out with a little research that this demon can summon every evil thing that they try and fight all in one single place. Castiel the badass angel returns on to the scene with a specialist angel named Uriel in a plan to detroy the whole town because summoning Samhain could break one of the seals that leads to freeing Lucifer.

Dean convinces them to let him and Sam take care of it instead. As they search for the witch who is trying to summon Samhain she sets them up and knocks them out so she can proceed to summon the Demon. Dean and Sam are able to play dead after the demon is summoned in order to get away and come up with a plan to send the demon back to hell. When searching for the demon Dean gets distracted by having to save a bunch of teens from getting killed by monsters the demon has summoned.

Sam runs off to fight the demon alone against Dean’s wishes. Sam has to use his special powers again in order to send the demon, Samhain back to hell while Deans looks on. It was amazing as the demon almost drained Sam because he was more powerful than other demons but Sam was able to pull it out, barely. Castiel reveals some intersting information to Sam in the end and tells him that he has some heavy things to deal with in the future and that he doesn’t envy him.

  • My take: I thought this was absolutely an excellent episode especially when Sam had to use his powers again to send Samhain the demon back to hell. It was awsome. It was a “nice day before Halloween” episode. No one does Halloween better than “Supernatural”.
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