Supernatural ‘Heaven and Hell’ Episode Review

Supernatural ‘Heaven and Hell’ Episode Review

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In the 10th episode of season 4 “Supernatural” picks up where the last episode left off . The angels, Castiel and Uriel have come to kill Anna,but Dean and Sam put up resistance. They of course are no match for the Angels. In the midst of the fighting,Anna somehow makes them dissappear by sending them off to a place far,far away. Dean and Sam then realize there’s much more to Anna than they realize so they bring in Pamela the psychic from a couple of episodes back that got here eyes burned out by summoning up Castiel and seeing his true form.

Pamela proceeds to hypnotise Anna so that she can regain her memory. It worked and Anna remembers that she was once an Angel that had fallen to earth,lost her grace or power,and became human. The only way they can save her is to find her grace and restore it in her or else either the Angels will kill her or the Demons will capture her so they can use her to eavesdrop in on the Angel’s conversations.. Dean and Sam find out where her grace might have landed when she fell to earth. They travel to the destination only to discover that someone else has already taken it.

Uriel appears to Dean in a dream since he’s been sent away by Anna and can’t find them. It is revealed in this dream that Uriel is the one who found and took Anna’s lost grace. He kept it in a small container attached to a necklace which he wore around his neck.. He gives Dean a no choice ultimatum which is to hand over Anna or they kill Sam. Cleverly, though they plan a set up using the help of Ruby (the what appears to be good Demon) to bring Alastair and his demons together with the angels, Castiel and Uriel for what made the title of this episode “Heaven and Hell” so clever – a true battle between Heaven’s angels and Hell’s demons. In the midst of all the battling,Anna rips the necklace from Uriel containing her grace from his kneck and regains it causing a huge light to ingulf her body making both her and Alastair dissappear. To where is unknown.

To cap off the show, Dean reveals to Sam what happened to him in Hell. It was a very revealing and draw dropping revelation. It turns out that although only four months past on earth it was actually 40 years in Hell for Dean. He went on to say that he had been beaten,ripped apart,and then restored whole again everyday so they could start all over. That’ s some deep and painful stuff.

My take : If you’re not watching this show you need to add it your schedule. It’s absolutely brilliant. It totally leaves you wanting more;it just doesn’t get any better than that. My jaw also dropped to the floor when Dean revealed what happened to him in Hell. The storyline they came up for that is one of the most disturbing stories I’ve ever heard of for Hell and what it could be like in my life. The writers deserve a ‘”bravo” on that one.

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