Smallville ‘Bride’ Episode Review

Smallville ‘Bride’ Episode Review

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In the 10th episode of season 8 “Smallville” Jimmy and Chloe prepare for their wedding. Meanwhile Oliver has a tip off that Lex might be alive and can find his location by intercepting his emails. He,having a deep down personal issue with Lex, wants to act fast on this. He discusses it with Clark who wants him to wait until after Chloe’s wedding is over as she won’t understand since he had Jor-El leave out her memories of Clark’s powers when he restored all the rest of her memories. That doesn’t sit to well with Oliver’s own personal aspiratiions of taking down Lex as soon as possible. Davis’ true nature is starting to unfold in a very upleasant way. It appears that he blacks out and turns into a huge hidious beast and starts kiling people. He tries to get in touch with Chloe to discuss his problems but she leaves him hanging as she wants nothing to ruin her big wedding day plans.

Oliver having taken things into his own hands tries to hunt down and kill Lex but to no avail as it appears Lex had the one up on him leaving a note behind which said, “Sorry I missed you”. Instead he runs into Lana Lang(yes, she has returned) who was also looking for Lex.They have a discussion about what just went on and it ends with him maybe convincing her to make an appearance at Chloe’s wedding. Clark and Lois almost have a magical kissing moment at Chloe’s wedding during a song until none other than Clark’s past love ,Lana Lang shows up. His eyes immediately become locked in on her. We see elsewhere, Davis getting prevoked by a police officer and unable to control the beast inside him, he starts to turn again,and we see a little bit of the mutation process.

Clark and Lana have a little talk about why she left and they should never be a couple again . Then things start to get real dark as the beast that Davis has mutated or turned into shows up and wrecks the wedding almost killing Jimmy and taking Chloe. He took her back to the Jor-El fortress that has been infected by Braniac where something weird happens and she starts smiling. Then the show leaves us with what appears to be what I think may be Lex Luther sitting in front of a monitor and spying in on everyone in Smallville.

My take : This show has really woken up in the last couple of episodes. I’m really impressed with what they’re doing in the storyline to keep this bad boy going ,and it looks like they might bring Lex back which is genious. Also the twist with having Chloe lose her memory of Clark’s powers was a nice sort of 360, and then bringing Lana Lang back mid season was refreshing. I’m loving this show all over again. If they can continue to write good material like this. The show may never end.

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