Smallville ‘Bulletproof’ Episode Review

Smallville ‘Bulletproof’ Episode Review

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Review : “Smallville : Bulletproof” episode. I thought this episode was probably pretty equal with Supernatural’s episode in terms of quality and entertainment. It kept me pretty interested,and it had a good fight scene with Lana Lang and Tess which I particularly liked. Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) was not there for the first half of this season I suspect it was do to her shooting her new movie, “Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li”. But I’m glad to see her back.

Clark goes undercover on the police force to find out how his Friend, John Jones from planet Krypton got shot because with help of Chloe, he discovers that there may be some dirty cop activity going on. Lana throws down with Tess after being threatened by her. Tess is very loyal to Lex because he saved her life a couple years ago,but Lana reveals to her that Lex also placed a nano transmitter in her optic nerve so that he could spy on Smallville through her. When the bad cops set up a trap to try and kill the “Green Arrow”, Clark helps save the day again with the unsuspecting help of a dirty cop that he’s able to help turn back good again.

TV Show : Smallville : Bulletproof episode 12 season 8
Original Air Date :Thursday January 22,2009
Network : CW Network

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