“Eagle Eye” Movie Review

“Eagle Eye” Movie Review

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Ok, I just got back from the theater and guess what. I just saw “Eagle Eye” hence the name of this review. I must worn you be prepared to be extremely bored for about the first 20 minutes of this film because it does start off pretty slow as they try and build the story line and or plot together. In other words they don’t come bustin out of the gates with hardcore in your face action. I caught myself snoozing for the first 20 minutes. After that though it was all up hill with plenty of action as character Jerry Shaw(Shia LaBeouf) is set up to look like a terrorist by a super computer named you guessed it “Eagle Eye” posing as a woman calling him on his cell phone,other people’s cell phone,hell whatever cell phone’s available Jerry gets a gotdamn call from it.

Eagle Eye can control any electronic device that receives a signal of some sort. That pretty much means everything. Anyways this results in high action adventure,and all that good stuff as Jerry receives instructions from Eagle Eye to complete a series of multiple tasks one includes jumping into the car with his soon to be partner in crime Rachel Holloman(Michelle Monaghan) a single mom who’s also been contacted by Eagle Eye which has threatened to kill her son if she doesn’t do what it tells her. All this results in high speed chases,stolen briefcases,and running from FBI agents which eventually leads to Jerry and the girl meeting Eagle Eye so it can get what it wants from Jerry.

From here the plot thickens as now Eagle Eye wants to kill Jerry and the President of the United States and tries to use the girl to kill Jerry first by threatening her son but she’s not able to go through with it. Jerry eventually is able to get away from Eagle Eye and team up with FBI agent (Billy Bob Thornton) and a host of other good guys chime in on the action to eventually destroy Eagle Eye and prevent the President’s assasination.
I give one thumb up and the other thumb only half way up for that boring first 20 minutes. If you like alotta action and drama though you should go see it. It’ll make your day.

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