CW’s The Game “Mel-odrama” Episode Recap

CW’s The Game “Mel-odrama” Episode Recap

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Wow ! The writers of this show are excellent. They never let me down. The title of this ep “Melodrama” couldn’t be more fitting because Melanie(Tia Mowry) packs it in heaps,man. The episode starts off with Melanie talking to Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) and Kelly (Brittany Daniel) at the pool .What comes out of the conversation is that Melanie is now convinced that Derwin is not the Father of Janay’s (guest star Gabrielle Dennis) baby. So dramatized Melanie storms into Janay’s store to make a weak attempt at confronting her about it and says that she could have gotten pregnant by some other guy or somethin. Needless to say it didn’t work out to well. Meanwhile in another scene Jason Pitts is still tryin to get kelly back I think but she’s just not havin it at least not right now. Also Tasha finally caught up with Malik and he ends up confessing that he married Robin Givens. Tasha pretty much calls him a dumb ass. He of course gets mad and tells her to back the hell off then storms off. Melanie has another little drama, drama tiff, tiff with her roomate Deon for dating her ex. They fight for a little while and then make up. Awww, how sweet. I must say I love this show . I like the drama,comedy,and overall feel of the show and have since episode one and it just keeps getting better. “The Game” got game as they say.

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    this is a pretty cool site. Anytime i miss my show’s, i can always get a recap here.

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