“Lakeview Terrace” Movie Review

“Lakeview Terrace” Movie Review

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I thought this was a very interesting film right from the start mostly because I wanted to see what Samual L Jackson’s character Abel Turner was going to do and he didn’t dissapoint. It starts off with police officer Abel Turner living a pretty respectable life as a police officer and single father of two children – a daughter and a son.Pretty soon right into it we start to see his very strict ways with the children and you just know it’s gonna escalate further from there.

Moving along in the movie we see new neighbors Chris and Lisa Mattson moving into the neighborhood. They’re an interacial couple and Mr. Turner doesn’t like it. He is very suttle about it at first which at this point really starts to peak my interest as to how this will start to unfold. Next, Turner meets Chris and they have a conversation which is just chalked full of racial undertones on Turner’s end which sets the opening odd tone between the two. Over the course of the movie they have a couple of more meetings and everytime Mr. Turner starts to get more and more obvious with his dislike for the Mattson’s but then he ends each conversation by trying to cover it up with his odd sense of humor.

Finally Chris Mattson can’t take it anymore and tells Tuner to stay away. This is where the drama really starts to unfold as Turner doesn’t think he has to which leads to a series of events which include Turner slapping his daughter across the face for swimming in the Mattson’s pool to hiring someone to break into the Mattson’s house and tear it up while they’re away in an effort to make them want to move out.It all ends in a very drama filled and entertaining conclusion. I personally give it two thumbs up. I loved the movie all the way through and was very interested in seeing what would happen in the next scene with Samuel L Jackson. He’s a very entertaining actor .

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  1. honeyluv says:

    Great I was waiting on a honest review for this movie! I will go to see this movie this weekend.

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