‘The Fourth Kind’ Movie Showed Shocking,Crazy,Real Footage

‘The Fourth Kind’ Movie Showed Shocking,Crazy,Real Footage

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“The Fourth Kind” movie showed shocking,crazy,real footage,or what appeared to be real,anyways. Universal Pictures new thriller flick hit theaters this weekend,and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed. It was way more interesting and crazier than I thought it would be.

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The movie is based on a true story that happened over in Alaska,back in the fall of 2000.It starred Milla Jovovich as Doctor Abbey Tyler who claims that she recalls her husband’s murder as an abduction and stabbing.

She did studies on other people in the same town who say they experienced strange phenomena or abductions.She used hypnosis on them.

What’s so interesting, is all this footage is captured live on tape,and they used the actual footage side by side in various scenes of the film.

The results of these studies often ended tragically and ended up getting Abby in trouble with the law,since these what appear to be, supernatural murders and physical damage to be people were hard to prove because the video tape would go all fuzzy when it happened.

However, you could catch glimpses of what appeared to be,people being possessed,in between the fuzziness. One man was levitated off his bed. Abby,herself,also got levitated off the couch.

It was quite eye opening. Unfortunately,this situation didn’t end good for Abby,as her son was eventually taken away from her,and her daughter who she claimed was abducted,was never found.

Even if you don’t believe in this type of stuff,one cannot deny that the movie in and of itself,is very entertaining. I never got bored watching it,and caught myself trying to get a closer look at the actual footage they showed, from her tapings. “The Fourth Kind” is definitely a good thriller movie. Showing the actual footage side by side with the acted out version,made this type of film, much more interesting.

Grade A

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21 Responses

  1. Isozonus says:

    The footage is a hoax my friend. Completely fake. Just like Blair Witch.

  2. candii says:

    i jus saw da movie and it was crazy. da footage in blair witch was fake but da footage dat was in the fourth kind was actual footage. it was disturbin, i couldnt go thru dat my heart goes out 2 da women in da movie

  3. winter says:

    candii, who allowed you to talk?

  4. Dr. Abigail Tyler says:

    All of the footage in the movie “The Fourth Kind” is completely real.

  5. Rad_Rosa89 says:

    I believe the footage in this movie is completely real, I saw the movie last night and I already believe in aliens even before I watched this movie and I believe that everything was based on true people all they did was change their named or edited it out for privacy purposes which I understand completely. Still being said I believe the footage in the movie that people are saying are fake, well I believe they are real, 100%, no that doesn’t make me stupid I believe because things like this have always happened and Nome Alaska has had it the worst and people don’t want to except it they want “the hard truth” when in reality the truth can’t be explained all the time. Honestly the movie uses real footage, alias names for privacy purposes, and it’s about the real deal, it’s not a joke!

  6. kira says:

    I really think that the videos were real and I didn’t really believe in any of this until tonight, it made me think a lot…

  7. Just watched it online and omg, amazing f1lm.. really is one to see 🙂 If you want to watch it onl1ne for free, checkout FreeBieFilms . Com

  8. veritas says:

    Um…. Do you guys really think a movie would show REAL police footage of a REAL guy murdering his family without it being rated something like X?? Given our media laws in the US… I highly doubt it. It was a good movie though, I thought it was real at first but no. They do a good job of making it seem real online with their websites and stuff too.

    All in all A great movie, creepy as hell, but not real.

  9. toria says:

    i really don’t know what to believe since the blair witch project was all planned, such as reports of the missing teenagers, which was fake. No doubt in my mind that this movie kicked ass, but it IS questionable that its real or not.
    If its fake, then hell…they made it seem pretty damn real.
    If its real, then….well SHIT.

  10. candii is dumb says:

    Candii, you be dum.

  11. mp says:

    U guys r retarded if u think this sh** is real!! Duh

  12. Fake says:

    Thats a link to the doctor in the movie http://www.charlottemilchard.com/home.shtml

  13. Andy gun and sean james says:

    i was there i was in the bushes brushing my teeth until a big et finger tapped me on the shoulder it made me jump out of my gola dungarees then he put a hole in my londsdales i got the fith kind on him hes really dead now LOL?
    iRooNey ? i have proof i got in on my nokia

  14. Anonymous says:

    Guys its actual footage LOL, read about the fucking movie. And aliens are REAL you’d be close minded to think THERE IS NO OTHER LIFE IN THE UNERIVERSE AND THEY’LL ARE MORE ADVANCED THEN US. END OF STORY.

  15. OPEN UR EYES says:

    Guys the footage is real, notice how the tapes are fuzzy, and you only get a quick look at each tape. thats because of the alien interference of their technology. aka electrical or radiological interference. look on youtube for alien abduction caught on tape. same kind of fuzzy scramble when the guys vanishes in a flash of light

  16. That Ghost Pirate In Spongebob says:

    Morons. The footage is faked – google “Charlotte Milchard”. She plays the “real” Dr. Tyler in the movie. There is no record of a family murder-suicide, seizure induced broken backs, child abduction, etc in Nome in 2000.

    Keep an open mind about other intelligent life, but don’t be fools.

  17. Screem! says:

    I was on the shoot for the “guy in bed” and “guy kills family” scenes. The movie is fictional. Completely. I don’t mean to say there aren’t aliens. I just mean to say that none of the footage in this movie is evidence of aliens.

  18. davante hasyes says:

    i hope u get your litel girl back and that you know i belive that it is real forget what every one says i belive it and i hope that your son will realizes you have nothing to do with it love to tyler family

  19. djme says:

    And in the beginning of the movie. People are Playing the real people why would they fake real footage

  20. Lenkan says:

    The footage is fake. All fake. Here is your “real” Abbey Tyler: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2598903/

  21. dusty says:

    i know the film is real what u dont know that it is not god but lucifer yes they do do stuff to u and ur not suppose to remember how do i know that happened to me a long time ago except i remember some i still have needle mark in my chest. of course to those it never happened to dont believe it when u get a chance abigail sent me a email of course u have tried in past but i just ignored it hmm to know the future

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