Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ Delivered A Great, Up Close Look At MJ

Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ Delivered A Great, Up Close Look At MJ

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Michael Jackson “This Is It” movie delivered a great,up close look at MJ. Columbia Pictures released the new Michael Jackson documentary/film earlier this week. Along with Michael Jackson, it starred: Kenny Ortega, Travis Payne, Michael Bearden, Dorian Holley, Judith Hill, Orianthi, Tommy Organ, and, Bashiri Johnson.

The film showed up close, behind the scenes, footage, that was taken from over 100 hours of rehearsal footage. The rehearsal footage was from between March and June of this year. It showed interviews with the background dancers that were chosen to perform with Michael,and showed footage of their whole audition process.

It showed Michael performing some of his greatest hits like: Billy Jean,Thriller,Human Nature, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, and The Way You Make Me feel, to name a few. It showed how Michael is a perfectionist,wanting to practice everything until he got it right. It showed him working with a musician on a particular note,making sure he got it right.

It showed good,up close footage of him performing his great dance moves. I especially liked when they showed him performing to “Billy Jean.” It’s my all-time favorite. It showed some great footage of him working with his background dancers,showing them how to perform his classic dance moves.

Michael moved like he was still in his 20’s,hitting every move just as hard,if not harder than his younger dancers. They all stood and applauded when he did his solo “Billy Jean” performance for them.

It was a very enlightening and realistic look at how hard Michael worked to put on a good performance for his fans. I also liked watching Kenny Ortega work with Michael on particular songs,especially “Human Nature.” It was funny to see Kenny get his groove on.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. I think Kenny Ortega did a good job putting all the footage together into a nice neat package. I liked how they interviewed all the various dancers and singers,and showed Michael interacting with them. It’s a definite “must see” for any Michael Jackson fan,but I’m sure they probably already know that.

Grade: A

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7 Responses

  1. Princeton says:

    MJ was a legend. Many people only knew him only for all the reasons except music. He was a thorough hardworker and I don’t think it would be ever possible to have another one like him

  2. Ben says:

    I am just glad to see that he was happy in his final days…

    and as usual, good show.

  3. Yes, he was great! There is certainly no doubt about it. I am his fan since 1985, loved his moves in Thriller.

  4. great article. The review is very precisely written.

  5. oh..there many movie trailer at your blog, can i grab some for my blog?

  6. larrie says:

    when i saw the michael jackson movie this is it i ws thrilled it is perfect i loved everything i saw there is no one else like him he was a superstar i lke the dance they were just like when he was younger i screamed and cry.

  7. mansi arora says:

    Dearest Michael
    My shining star
    why did you go so far?
    You gave us the music divine
    you are my sunshine…
    Your melodious voice
    gives me reasons to rejoice
    all your Tours, Bad, History and Dangerous
    the Message of LOVE you spread through these Tours is contagious.
    May God Bless your Gentle Soul
    you will always live in my heart
    Mansi Arora

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